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I was enthralled by clicking on your link and finding out such interesting tidbits as the following

Coaching Hot Board

The end of the Rich Rodriguez era is upon us. For the second time in four years the Wolverines will have a new coach on the sidelines when they open the 2011 season Sept. 3 against Western Michigan. has come up with our list of potential coaching candidates to be the program's 18th head coach ... here's the complete breakdown. 

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As the MoGoBlog CC debacle progressed, Jim Harbaugh eventually became known simply as "JH."  I'm having a hard enough time remembering to date everything 2011 right now.  Hiring John would keep things simple for me.  Thankfully, Hoke's first name doesn't work so he has off the board.... right? 


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... and I promise you it is not worth much, but an old friend of mine in the Athletic Department mentioned a couple weeks ago that John H. was on the shortlist.  I thought he was being silly, but looks like others are reporting it (not that that makes it true, as we all know). 

Makes sense for him to be on the list given his background, but I highly doubt he's a realistic option. 


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I had heard that same rumor previously.  Supposedly it was during the season though.  I half joked in another thread about John being interested because of this.   Again, like others have mentioned, why would he leave the Ravens??  They could be going to the Super Bowl this year.   But he would fit in that " you would not believe some of the people that have shown interest" rumor a month or so ago.   John would be a homerun hit, but I think is less likely than Jim coming and that is very unlikely obviously.


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i think a lot of people would have mixed feelings about him.  sure he brings some credibility, but is he too far gone from the NFL to attract recruits?  are we trying to hard to recreate the pete carrol magic?  what would happen to denard?  etc.


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I actually haven't given it too much thought, just found him an intriguing option. With a Superbowl Championship to his credit, I wouldn't even compare him to Pete Carroll's NFL resume, but he might have some additional pull with recruits. As far as Denard, he did win that Superbowl with Trent Dilfer. Also, being born near Dayton, OH he probably has an understanding of the importance of "The Game."


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A Super Bowl winning caochi s a Super Bowl winning coach.

If Jimmy Johnson returned to The U, the buzz to recruits would be astounding.

Brian Billick is a good coach, but I see him probably getting hired by the 9ers.  I heard he was one of their primary backup plans if they didn't land Jimmay.


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Hopefully all of this will be cleared up soon (though we have passed the 24 hr mark already) otherwise we won't be asking for Harbaugh to come save us from ourselves, we'll be asking for June Jones.

One good thing that came out of Arkansas' loss to Ohio State: no talk of Petrino being hired (not that he wouldn't sell his children for a few more dollars)


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It includes both?


Someone needs to shut down the drug trade that is obviously occurring within the Michigan Rivals team.


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but, JT was mentioned because DB is trying to prep people for the possibility of hiring a guy like Hoke.  Just my opinion, but seems pretty evident. 

Why else would he go to bat so fast for the small name.  That was a preconceived response...He is thinking along the lines of potentially hiring a small name with potential!

Six Zero

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The board's been back for less than five minutes and there's an absolute explosion of forum posts....... at this rate we'd better worry about Brian bolting to the NFL!  OH NO!!