Michigan coach John Beilein will address Manny Harris suspension at 2 p.m.

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Any guesses?



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JB: "Manny has learned his lesson. Despite his unsportsmanlike conduct on Friday, he has grown from this suspension. He will promptly go all Purdue 2009 on MSU tomorrow night. Thank you, that is all."


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is bad already. That sounds like trouble to me. What the hell happened in practice.

And in the not funny anymore category, I go to "Practice!? We talkin' bout practice!?"


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If manny did something worthy of being kicked off the team, Bielein would not have opened the door to Manny playing tomorrow, as he did earlier in the week. In the Michigan Daily, Beilein is quoted as saying: "We will meet with Manny and the team again when we return to determine if he has learned enough from this suspension to rejoin the team for Tuesday's game." I dont think beilein will suspend manny for longer than he has to. Plus if manny doesnt play tomorrow, people will assume that he somehow hasnt learned his lesson.


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about that. I did not like the Bee-liner's tone in that first release, and it sounded to me like it was significant enough that he could not really get into specifics and really wasn't the one making the call.

I am not advocating here, a long term suspension or anything of that nature would be devasating, and would likely cause me to convulse and slip further into this winter coma that has taken me over..... but I just have a bad feeling.


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I definitely agree it was a huge suspension and that addressing it in the press conference shows the gravity of the situation, but I believe the focus will be on whether Manny learned from the suspension and is prepared to play tomorrow night, not on what was done.

From UMHoops.com, emphasis mine:

Reading between the lines in Beilein’s statement regarding Harris, it appears that the team will be involved in whatever decision is made. The team practiced Sunday and will meet with the media this afternoon so I assume we will find out more then. Here’s Beilein’s statement:

We will meet with Manny and the team again when we return to determine if he has learned enough from this suspension to rejoin the team for Tuesday’s game. I am confident that this learning experience will be valuable in the future to both Manny and our basketball program.


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Sounds like he will read a prepared apology for the incendent and hopefully rejoin the team for the MSU game. He has handled adversity well in the past and I think he and the team will get through this.


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and not implying that this was the motivation, the Purdue suspension could be a stroke of genius. If was very unlikely that Michigan was going to beat Purdue even with Harris. Identifying the Purdue game as an opportunity to "grow" for Harris, and presumably the team, could create a "second season" kind of feel in which the tourney committee could view as when "the real Michigan" came out.

First things first though, seven game winning streak starting now!!!


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Excellent. Rumor has it that it wasn't anything physical - he and B-line got into quite a heated argument, according to the kid in my calc group that's an assistant. Seems like they are both willing to get passed it