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Hitting the shelves near you soon

These are a lot harder to find. Haven't seen them yet and they're sold out online until the 16th. 


814 East U

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WD, I don't normally bash you but I saw you comparing Saban to Fritz Crisler. Sometimes you just have to admit that just because something is Michigan does not make it the best.

Sweetarts suck too.

Wolverine Devotee

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  • Record
  • Championships
  • Didn't lose a game until his 5th year
  • Coaching tree that is the most impressive in size
  • Direct ties to basically starting blue blood programs that hadn't done anything until Yost's influence reached them
  • Arguably the greatest AD ever with his vision of what football would one day be in size. 

No one person has done more for the game of football than Director/Coach Fielding H. Yost. 

UM Fan from Sydney

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Just stop. You're the type of Michigan fan who gives the rest of us a bad name. You live in the past. I know the past is important, but it's meaningless right now, especially talking about Yost. The game of football is very different compared to when Yost was around. Most of Michigan's past is great, but the present and recent history, while on the right track, is not great. We should be at least splitting victories with OSU and beating MSU two out of three or better, but we're not and that is a major problem. I want Harbaugh to coach Michigan until he retires, but he has to start winning more. He knew the expectations coming in and is the guy to meet them, but Jim needs to start doing it.


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You at least have to admire that he's a fan who's living in the past despite not even being able to remember our dominance in the 1990's.

Seriously, since he's only actually witnessed the later Carr, Rodriguez, and Hoke years, he's more of a fan of history than he is actual football. These Harbaugh seasons have been the best Michigan football of his life.


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Having a storied history and achieving current success does not conflict. These things work together to build a strong, ongoing tradition of excellence. Sometimes life gives you progress, not perfection.

I appreciate the interesting information that Wolverine Devotee provides. Some folks downvote him because the pictures from the 1930's are only in black and white. So it goes.


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It's near impossible to make comparisons between figures such as Yost and Saban due to the near century that separates their coaching tenures and how much the game of football has changed in that amount of time.


For a hot take contemporary comparison, I'd argue that Bill Snyder's double resurrection of Kansas State is the most impressive modern coaching feat, especially considering that he's done it via JC transfers in region with limited local talent.


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Sure, he was an overt racist, but he changed over time. I prefer the guy who started out as a racist and changed for the better to the alternative. I also understand that no one is perfect. We are all somewhat products of our surroundings. The goal should be to improve as human beings. According to Bacon, he did. I believe in forgiveness. Do you?


Ward recalled his first trip to Chicago with the team in 1932. At the time, black players usually stayed with local families because the pricier hotels still did not accept black guests. Sure enough, when the team tried to check in, the hotel manager told Yost they did not admit blacks, and they weren’t about to start now. According to Ward, Yost became outraged.

“‘We’ve been staying at this hotel since 1900,’” Ward recalled Yost saying, “‘and we’ll pull every [Michigan] team and I’ll get other Big Ten teams to not stay here!’”

The angry appeal to their financial interest was enough to desegregate the hotel for one night. Ward became only the second African-American to stay in the hotel, the first being the singer Marian Anderson.

There are other examples of Yost’s surprising change of heart from his racist past. He successfully lobbied to get black track star DeHart Hubbard into the university; he volunteered his influence and field house to support an athletic exhibition to raise funds for the Dunbar Center, a local organization that promoted social betterment for African-Americans; and he started Benny Friedman, a practicing Jew, at quarterback in the mid-1920s, then helped him become athletic director at Brandeis University.

P.S. check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thou_shalt_not_bear_false_witness_against…

BTB grad

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Yes, I do believe in forgiveness. Yes, he did change and I believe that.

But your past actions don't get expunged from the record because you "made up" for them with your later actions. It doesn't work like that. 

I wouldn't have brought it up, but when you refer to someone as "the greatest figure in college athletics" or talk about putting up a statue for him as WD has done in the past, his racist past must come into the conversation.

And you can leave your self righteousness at the door next time