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Heads up was glancing through my guide tomorrow Sunday August 13 on btn. 10am-11am Michigan vs Florida citrus bowl 2016 11am-12pm Michigan vs osu denard 2011 12pm -1pm Michigan 1997 team on 20 year anniversary



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Will BTN ever get the rights to some of the older games? I would love to watch the condensed versions of 1995 Virginia, 1997 PSU/OSU, 1999 Arkansas, 2000 Bama, 2001 Auburn, 2004 MSU, etc. They've been rehashing the same 'classics' for years now.


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The only Michigan Bowl game I ever missed (family trip to Puerta Vallarta and forget to set the VCR) was 1988 Hall of Fame Bowl where Jamie Morris led us to a win over Bama.  Just watched it for the first time!!  Man, it was awesome having such great O Lines back then.  And then again now.


Eastside Maize

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My first question was about the difference between Hoke and Harbaugh. He said the main difference was entitlement with Hoke vs. competition with Harbaugh. When asked who would be a stud this year the first name he mentioned was Tarik Black. He sat in on a film breakdown of McCaffrey and said he makes all the throws and that the team's future is bright. Nothing we didn't already know.

I salute Ross for playing LB in the B1G because he looks like he is a little over 6" and 210 lbs. I also salute the beautiful redbone he was there with.


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Because, like others, I'm getting tired of the same ol' replayed games.  In no particular order:

The Harbaugh-to-Kolesar OSU game

Michigan-Virginia (Dreisbach's first start)

The Little Brother game

Last year vs. Rutgers, because LOL Rutgers.

1997 Michigan-Penn State

1997 Michigan-Iowa

Michigan-Washington 2002 (Brabbs!)

That's just off the top of my head.  Any other ones come to mind?

Boner Stabone

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1. '85 vs OSU (Kolesar game)

2. '86 vs Iowa (Gillette game winning FG)

3. '83 vs Iowa (Bob Bergeron game winning FG)

4. '86 at OSU (Harbaugh guarantee)

5. '89 Rose Bowl vs USC

6. '91 Notre Dame (Desmond catch)

7. '94 Notre Dame (Remy Hamilton game winning FG)

8. '95 Virginia (Scott Dreisbach game winner)

9. '95 OSU (Biakabutuka fest)

10. '97 Iowa (2nd half comeback)


These would be much more enjoyable compared to the continued showing of the MOON game, Illinois shootout, and Wisconsin 2008 game.


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I remember watching that game on the dorms common room TV. Several guys walked out in the fourth quarter when it looked like we were going to lose. After we recovered the onside kick, the few remaining fans started screaming and the guys who left quickly returned.


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I forget the bowl game, but it was against Alabama in Tampa's Big Sombrero, mid 80's...  Kolesar caught the game winner in the end zone and Moeller took the win for Bo, who was out from a heart attack.  I drove down from Charelston for that game, and have never seen it on a TV screen...


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If BTN really wanted to do a “feel good” Michigan broadcast, couldn’t they manage to create a montage of many of the greatest plays in Michigan football history?  They’d surely be able to find at least an hour’s worth of video.  There’s a video on YouTube from 2010 of the 10 greatest plays in Michigan Stadium history, as voted on by fans.  LINK 
There must be dozens more, even if they’d only use clips from games played since 2000 and they ignored Charles Woodson’s one-handed, sideline interception against Michigan State in 1997 and Tyrone Wheatley’s opening kickoff return for a TD against Houston in 1992.  
Just off the top of my head, there’s Jourdan Lewis’ one-handed interception against Wisconsin in 2016; Denard Robinson’s first play for a TD against Western Michigan, his 87-yard TD run at Notre Dame and his pass to Roy Roundtree to beat Notre Dame in the first game “under the lights” at Michigan Stadium; Drew Dileo’s slide in the rain to catch a snap that led to the game-winning field goal at Northwestern; Jehu Chesson’s opening kickoff return for a TD against Northwestern and his “bowling block” that took out three Notre Dame defenders and led to Jeremy Gallon’s first TD of the first game “under the lights”; all of Khalid “Hammering Panda” Hill’s TD goal-line plunges from 2016; Lamar Woodley’s sacks of Penn State’s quarterback in 2006; Adrian Arrington’s one-handed catch against Florida in the 2008 Capital One Bowl; any number of Jabrill Peppers’ hits . . . and many, many more.
Wolverine Devotee might even have a special guide that documents all of those great plays in Michigan football history.

Mr. Yost

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Same games over and over and over and over again.

Surprised the Wisconsin and M00N games aren't part of this extravaganza of Michigan Football.