Michigan blogger career trajectories

Submitted by Magnus on January 16th, 2014 at 12:30 PM

I'm sort of interested in where some people in the Michigan blogosphere have started/ended up in recent years. There was recently a discussion on the Marlon Mack post about The M Block potentially shutting down because Brandon Brown is here at MGoBlog and Eric just went to Maize 'n' Brew. For example...

I beleve Tom Van Haaren got his start at MGoBlog, did his URecruit thing on the side, and then got picked up by Wolverine Nation/ESPN.

Brandon Brown started off at The M Block and moved here to MGoBlog.

Steve Lorenz started at Tremendous and moved to 247 Sports.

Ace started off at The Wolverine Blog and moved to MGoBlog.

Tim Sullivan started at Varsity Blue, moved to MGoBlog, and now works for The Wolverine.

Any corrections/additions to the list?



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C'mon man, don't bad mouth bleacher report like that.  They do pay out their "columnists" with real money, not canned food.  They pay you a fraction of the fraction of a cent they get per page click.  So here's to getting lots of clicks by regurgitating content from other sites in the form of slideshows that are meant to troll and agitate vocal fanbases so you can take home that $1.26 pay day!


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CNN promotes BR now.  I don't know if it has improved them because I don't read any of their stuff.  I was tired of "slideshows" designed to make me visit 25 different pages and "game" google for them.  

Apparently, though, it has worked quite nicely for them.  They show up in most searches on various sports subjects.  


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I think there's this guy named Magnus.  Specializes in recruiting. Started at mGoBlog, went to Touch the Banner and then came back again.  Or something like that anyways.

Cali Wolverine

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Your blog is usually my second stop after here. U consistently give the most complete analysis of Michigan prospects. I can now have discussions at the water cooler about topics such as disrupting the passing lane, knee bend and dominance at the point of attack...and people think I know what I am talking about!


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I've thought about it, but the first class I ranked was 2011, and those guys were redshirt sophomores or maybe juniors this year. I figure I'll wait another year or maybe two to spend too much time looking at that.


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Also, I am still under 100 points. I tend to enjoy reading the posts more than I prefer writing. However, sometimes during the season I feel like I am not even part of the blog because I can never post anything during the live game blogs.  Is there a requirement that requires someone to have more than a specific amount of points to allow their posts to pass through during live game blogs?


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I too am under 100 points, but I get a good amount of items posted during Liveblogs.  During the events, they are seeing 100s of posts almost every second, so you need to be funny or innovative in your comments to get posted.

You also need to drink during the event, that seems to help.  

One last thing:  Monkey Rodeo is the answer to all post questions, even if it is not.