“Michigan best defense I have seen since Alabama” Mork Dintimoreo

Submitted by bluepalooza on October 28th, 2018 at 6:46 PM

Anybody else catch the comments by the Purdue/MSU game announcers saying Dintimoreo told them that Michigan was the best D he has seen since they played Alabama in playoffs. Kind of took me by surprise. That Alabama D was legendary. 

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Michigan's defense appears to be rounding into form after some early season hiccups...

That being said:

Generally, this is being said on the back of two performances that are probably somewhat overrated. Wisconsin ran the ball well while the game was close and generally seemed to falter due to their coach's decision to put the game in Hornibrook's hands. Michigan State didn't have any receivers and Lewerke was injured. I don't think we received anywhere close to an optimal performance from either team. Please note: I'm not saying the defense was bad, just that I think their were reasons outside of the defense's on the field performance behind the dominant numbers. 

If they shut down Penn State, I'm all in.