Michigan bball on pretty much all day on Big Ten Network. Plus FF preview

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Pretty much all day on the Big Ten Network today they have everything Michigan. Replays of wins against Ohio,episodes of the Journey, and a Michigan/Cuse pre game show.



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The Wooden Award presentation, per the site, will be at 11:15 AM EDT on Sportcenter. I believe Sportscenter streams on ESPN3, so if you can get to that, you should be OK.

Also, at 3 PM on ESPNU (735 on Comcast here in the Detroit area), they will have "Road The The Championship: Michigan". All four surviving teams will be highlighted in the 2 PM to 4 PM block there - Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan and Syracuse in that order. 

Mr. Yost

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...and will continue to be.

CBS College Sports is showing all of our tournament games all week as well.

Great pub for the Maize & Blue.

Todd Plate's n…

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BTN has been heavy on Mich hoops all week and has also shown the episode of "big ten's greatest seasons" featuring the 88-89 hoops season (showcasing the league as a whole).  I certainly remember the NBA talent our championship team featured and how good Illinois was that year.  What I did not remember (I was 10 or so at the time), is that it was Indiana who won the Big Ten that year and that Iowa was the preseason #1 team in the country.  Wow.  I think they mention Michigan had 7 future NBA players on that title team, with 4 first round picks?  Loaded.  



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I was 11 in '89 and have seen replays of the game over time but it's interesting what I forgot about the title run. A few things stuck out to me:

(1) Scoring. Michigan's lowest scoring game was the final. They scored over 80 in every game, over 90 three times, and put  up 102 in the regional final against UVA. 

(2) The semi-final vs. Illinois featured 33 lead changes.

(3) Up 12 in the second half and almost blew it on 6-24 shooting down the stretch.

(4) The foul on Rumeal to send him to the line in OT to shoot the eventual game winners was a weak, ticky-tack, hand check. Terrible call.