Michigan Basketball Uniforms

Submitted by DirkMcGurk on April 3rd, 2013 at 5:28 PM
These have been discussed often and it seems most would enjoy going back to the 90s jerseys with the large block M on the shorts. I was wondering if the university moved away from these because of them being most associated with the Fab Five. Another reason could be that Nike may throw a fit since that design was while they were our equipment provider.


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Nike probably has rights to it. 

adidas changes the design template every 2 years. IF there is some kind of Fab Five honoring next year, I expect adidas to come out with something for that game. 

I'm kind of annoyed though with constant template changing. 

2008-09 - 2009-10

2010-11 - 2011-12

2012-13 - 2013-14 (?)

Personally, I hope they always keep the "MICHIGAN" across the chest. And never ever ever venture into these atrocities again-


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Nike didn't invent that design.  We used some version of it for many years.  The 1980s were an exception.

We went back to that design under Amaker, except that the "M" was smaller, so I don't think it's an issue of the school being ashamed of the Fab Five assocation.  We could go back; we just haven't.

Bando Calrissian

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The Fab Five-era uniform was introduced in 90-91 and lasted until 99-00, if memory serves. The big-block M jerseys came in 00-01 and lasted two seasons.

Personally, I always kind of liked the 00-02 design, especially the shorts. Sure, it was a Nike template (it was being used by a few Nike schools, UNC was one of them), but it didn't look horrendously non-traditional. For the time, it worked.


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It was 1989-90.  We wore that basic design for all of Fisher's tenure (aside from when he was interim coach).  But it's also basically the design we wore before Frieder, too.  The arched "MICHIGAN" has been a mainstay of our uniforms for years.

Have to disagree about the Ellerbe uniforms.  I hated those.  They looked like track uniforms.



Bando Calrissian

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Horrid memories? Were you even old enough to be in Crisler to watch them in action? That half-season of Jamal Crawford was some of the most exciting basketball that arena saw for about a decade. LaVell Blanchard will probably go down as one of the most overlooked players in program history. Josh Asselin was probably one of the best big men we had for a good stretch of time. 

There was a lot of talent on those teams, a lot of excitement. Unfortunately for us, it coincided with a pretty mediocre coach, a crippling scandal, and probably the best teams Izzo ever coached just up the road.


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I agree about those three guys, but overall that was an absolutely miserable time to be a Michigan basketball fan (and it coincided with my time in school).  Those guys (plus Chris Young - one of my favorite players) had the horrible luck to be here during the Ellerbe morass.  Having MSU fans take over Crisler in Ellerbe's last season and annihilate us on the court was probably my lowest moment of fandom ever.


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I'm not saying it was universally great. All I'm saying is that it's easy to look at the Ellerbe era and say it was the worst. But for those of us who actually cared about Michigan Basketball through the dark ages (and, honestly, the vast majority of the fanbase didn't), there was at least potential. Ellerbe was a far cry from the worst Amaker teams, where half those guys probably would have been cut at walk-on tryouts a decade before. And like I said before, it didn't help that Izzo hit his stride at that exact same moment we started to falter.

Hell, we're looking at this in a week where more people showed up to watch a Michigan basketball team get off a bus in the Crisler parking lot than showed up inside the arena to watch a Michigan basketball team play an actual game during the lean years. It's easy to forget how we got here.


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You don't have to rehash to me what went on those years.  Ellerbe's recruiting classes, on paper, were decently talented (at least before the inevitable transfers/dismissals).   But I don't agree that there was "a lot of excitement."   Here's how I recall my time as a student:

1998-99: just a brutally depressing season.  The fanbase mostly abandoned the program.  I felt terrible for Bullock and Reid at the time (although the later revelation that Bullock was on the take changed my feelings there) - they were all we had.  

1999-00: the first half of the season was genuinely promising, with Crawford starting the headband craze.  But then he was suspended and the rest of the year was a succession of humiliating blowouts, coupled with a bunch of off-court arrests.  With players leaving the program, we "reloaded" with the Avery Queen/Josh Moore sideshow of a recruiting class.

2000-01: three of the five guys in Blanchard's class were already gone.  More players in trouble with the law.  Nearly-empty crowds at Crisler (except when rival teams took it over).   A long, painful slog towards Ellerbe's inevitable firing.

2001-02: Amaker's first season.  Not much better on the court than Ellerbe's years, but the off-court problems miraculously stopped happening.  There was a glimmer of hope for the future with a recruiting class (Horton, Abram et al.) that was talented and didn't have any guys who'd beaten their teammates with belts, failed to qualify previously, or enjoyed wiping their sweat on the basketball before they gave it to referees.

(Huh . . . it's kind of cathartic to get those painful memories out from their long suppression.)


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The uni's the 89 championship team had with the piping and all will always be my faves. But the shorts were pre-Jordan, pre-Jalen, so you'd have to transpose the piping onto the baggy, knee-long shorts.


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Is in the Final Four...regardless of Nike, Adidas, uniformz, block M size or palcement, et al...go rub a lucky rabbits foot (though it didn't work out so lucky for the rabbit?), secure your "spot" on the sacred chair/couch, whatever...meanwhile some kids are going to play basketball regardless of fashionista gripes...because guess what...it's still UM hoops...Go Blue.

Bando Calrissian

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Sort of. Michigan used a mish-mash of things. Wilson did some of the football gear (the pants, especially), sometimes Russell, sometimes Nike for shoes and other things. Not having an exclusive supplier opened up a lot of options.

For a long time, football had a different jersey supplier just for the bowl games.


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With their awesome 80's era Kmart graphix(I think I had a fade-to-white trapper keeper like that) but really, what does it matter? The blue ones are somewhat less offensive, as they generally are for all sports.


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We are in the final 4 and all you dweebs can discuss is the different piping on the shorts?!?! STFU and get some perspective on your fandom. We used to watch untalented, badly coached Michigan teams in uniforms. Now we watch talented, well coached Michigan teams in uniforms. STFU!


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I hope I'm not the only one....

I think the current uniform design is, well, pretty awesome.  And this is coming from someone who has hated the collar detailing that Adidas has been trying to add in recent years.

They are modern and sleek, but not flashy.  Minimalistic and actually somewhat classic (simple Michigan front with consistent blue detail), with a couple really nice touches that fulfill the "wow" factor (the mini block-ms that comprise the shading in the shorts).  The only criticism I'd have is still the shoulder piping that isn't quite working.

The best part?  Adidas understands design in motion.  We can nitpick looking at a picture of the jersey, but when Trey throws a lob to streaking GRIII in transition, those blinding highlighters look explosive and intimidating.

I get that uniforms tend to be a touchy subject and most want to revert back to the oldest of the old schools jerseys, but the team looks really good in the bright, bold maize jerseys.  The Adidas criticism is generally justified, but in terms of our basketball jerseys, I think they've done a good job.



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Definitely.  I'm not a hard advocate for the maize-outs either, but I do like that the players decided to bring them out for limited, extra-special home games (basically, the revenge games against OSU, MSU, and Indiana).  They're an over-the-top, shake-your-head-and-grin burst of "well if it pumps up the kids..." type of occurrence. 

And without a doubt, they photograph beautifully.  The fact that you can't even see the names on the back of the jerseys really hits home the idea of "the Team":



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...I can't stand the current corporate worship culture of the college uniforms.  I hate the "Team Adidas" look and I don't want the "Team Nike" look either.  Really just want basic Michigan uniforms.

Considering how much money the Athletic Department is making these days, I wonder why they can't just manufacture something themselves.  Would it really be that difficult to source some material and hire a few dozen workers to stitch them together?  I'm not the the jersey buying type of fan but I would be far more compelled to spend the money on something with a good story rather than just the latest corporate schlock manufactured in a Chinese sweatshop (or whatever it is).  It's all about "brand Michigan" these days right?  No reason to let Adidas piggyback off of that.

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I was perfectly fine with the 2010 to 2012 uniforms with Zac Novak, but don't get me wrong I would completely be fine to fab 5 uniforms again.