Michigan basketball beats Madrid Generals 82-72

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Here's an article breaking down UM basketball's exhibition win over the Madrid Generals during their Spain trip.

Here are my main takeaways that I think some people would find interesting:

  • Not sure what the minutes distribution were for everyone but, Iggy Brazdeikis finished with 17 points. Dude can flat out score and seems to be adept at driving to the basket
  • Saddi Washington experimented with a 2 PG line up of Eli Brooks and David DeJulius with some pretty good success. Could be something we see this year.
  • According the Brandon Quinn, Eli Brooks showed definite improvement from last season with some nice offensive moves
  • Nick Baumgardner believes that Brazdeikis is already pushing Livers for the starting 4 spot. My guess is that the starting 4 will probably be determined by whether the starting unit is better off with Livers' experience, defense and rebounding or Brazdeikis' offense



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I realize this was a joke, but they do in fact appear to be extremely bad.  They have no website or internet presence, and I saw them described somewhere as "made up of free agents from the Madrid area" which makes it sound like they are not really a team, but rather just a group of dudes who can't make an actual team.  Also they lost to Ohio State by 30 this offseason.


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This is the correct take. Michigan will be very good on D, but this team needs guys who can put the biscuit in the basket. Iggy can do that.

I think you could also see a fair bit of a Simpson/Poole/Matthews/Iggy/Johns lineup. Wouldn't shock me if that was your starting 5 by year end (though I think it's more likely that Teske holds onto his starting spot and that small ball lineup is used situationally).

True Blue Grit

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As nice as a win is here, it really doesn't mean very much given the competition level.  When they play some better teams, we'll maybe start to get an idea of where things stand with each player.