Michigan Baseball vs Nebraska on BTN Open Thread

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The Michigan Baseball team is playing at Nebraska today in the Big Ten regular season finale.  Michigan is currently winning 4-3 in the bottom of the third and the game is on Big Ten Network.  If Michigan wins, they are guaranteed a spot in the Big Ten Tournament.  If Michigan loses, Penn State must beat Michigan State for Michigan to have a spot.  That game is currently 0-0 in the fifth.  Go Blue!



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Tied 4-4 going into the top of the fourth, rough inning for Maezes. Penn State scored a run, making it 1-0 in the bottom of the sixth in that game.


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But didn't know if "/t" would mean anything.

I live in NYC, and except for the Tigers didn't pay attention to pro sports when I was a kid in Michigan.  Just found myself reading both this thread and the hockey thread at the same time.

And had just read your post above when the boys had a big inning.


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I wasn't trying to answer back with any sort of condescending tone. Sorry if my response came off that way. I don't have anything against the Detroit teams since quite a bit of my family are huge fans, I just became a Chicago fan since I grew up here. As long as they're not playing each other I have nothing against the Detroit teams. I know that's very unlike a lot of my friends here


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even though a couple of my best friends are serious fans, but since I didn't pay attention to pro football until I followed Michigan players to their pro teams, I admit to having my Giants (and even Jets) moments.  Helps that the #1 Yankee fan's brother had great season tix for the Giants and let me use them to watch Tom Brady in the big [almost]-perfect season game that led to the Gints turning around and winning the Super Bowl. 


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Pitching change, still the top of the fifth with two outs, and Michigan leads it 8-4. Top of the ninth in the Michigan State vs. Penn State game, and Michigan State has tied it at 1.


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I almost feel bad for the Nebraska pitcher, but great work by Michigan to take a good lead. Now they just gotta hold on and then its on to the Big Ten Tourney. Good first year by the new baseball coach.


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OT but still baseball related.

My dad flew down from Detroit to see me graduate from Missouri State University with my M.S.

There isn't much to do in Springfield MO, except to visit Bass Pro Shop (!). So I looked up if any sports were being played. Lo and behold GVSU was playing at Drury University in the D-II Midwest Regional. GVSU is rolling through the competition, is 3-0, and are in the drivers seat to win the Regional. 

Needless to say it was a perfect day for baseball, and there is nothing like seeing my undergraduate university dominate. Go Lakers.


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Michigan State beat Penn State 2-1, if Michigan holds on and beats Nebraska they're in the Big Ten Tournament, if they lose, then Michigan State gets a spot in the Big Ten Tournament.


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Illinois and Minnesota are currently scoreless in the top of the 8th. If Michigan wins and Minnesota loses, then Michigan gets the 5th seed in the Big Ten tourney.


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The tiebreaker was very complicated.  It actually depended on what place they tied for.  Michigan would have won the tiebreaker if they had tied for 6th, but Illinois held the tiebreaker if they had tied for 5th.

They tied for 5th, so Illinois gets the 5 seed.


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Why do the big ten teams not all have the same number of conference games? For instance, MSU is 12-9 while Michigan is 13-10 with one game left to finish. Seems odd to me.


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Crazy stat they just announced on BTN - Michigan scored 14 runs without an extra base hit until a 2-run double in the top of 8.  Barry Larkin will be proud. 


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According to the record book, the 19 runs are the most since March 20, 2010, when Michigan beat Fordham 20-0. They also beat MSU 27-6 in a game in 2008. There are also some crazy totals from the 19th century, such as the 70-18 victory over Detroit in 1867.


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This means Michigan will be the 6th seed; Nebraska the 3rd.

#4 Minnesota will play #5 Illinois.


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19-9 Michigan wins it, Odgen gets the win with 5.1 innings of relief. The two will meet again on Wednesday for first round action in the Big Ten Tournament.


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From what I read on Twitter, it's based on the two teams' records against common opponents.

EDIT: From the official Big Ten release of the tournament bracket:

The Illini finished tied in the standings with Michigan, claiming the tiebreaker over the Wolverines by overall winning percentage versus Big Ten common opponents.

Michigan will play its opening game Wednesday against Nebraska at 4:35 pm ET.


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Illinois wins the tie breaker over Michigan based on a better record against teams finishing in the top 6. If Illinois and Michigan had tied for 6th with MSU 5th, then Michigan would have won the tie breaker since their 3-0 record against State would then have come into play.

Then again, the press release makes a conflicting statement regarding tie-breaking criteria, so either they got that wrong in the press release (no effect on outcome) or they changed the tie- breaker rules from those published last year.


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BTN.com has game highlights and an interview with Erik Bakich on this page.

By the way, the coach is mostly correct when he says everyone picked Michigan to finish near the bottom of the conference. But Baseball America actually nailed their preseason prediction as they had Michigan finishing sixth.