Michigan baseball recruiting class ranked 10th in Country

Submitted by ChalmersE on September 15th, 2017 at 12:18 PM

Baseball America just released its list of the top 25 recruiting classes and ranks Michigan's class the 10th best in the country. Not only is that Michigan's best ranking ever, it's the best ranking ever by any B1G school. For some further perspective, five of the top six and six of the top nine are SEC schools. 



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This is for the Freshman class that just enrolled a couple of weeks ago, and will be playing in Spring 2018.  They have to wait until September to publish the final recruiting ratings because the top High School players will sign a letter of intent but then will sign minor league contracts after the draft.  

KC Wolve

September 15th, 2017 at 12:51 PM ^

No idea what the regional make-up is but it has to be difficult do to being up north and out of state tuition costs. Most of these kids will be paying a significant amount of their own tuition.

Boner Stabone

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Dang... I had no idea there was the sport of Rifle.  I could have gotten a scholarship for this sport with all the deer I have shot.  Does the coach go on hunting expeditions to recruit for this sport?   I would have liked to have invited the coach out to the range when I was in high school to recruit me.  I feel like I missed an opportunity with not knowing this was an NCAA sport.  Dang it!!!


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Those who click through to the link will see that Vanderbilt's class is #1.  Among Vanderbilt's former assistant coaches and main recruiters was Erik Bakich. I don't think those looking for why Michigan did so well need to look any further than who's running this program. It was great to see Manuel pony up and give Bakich a nice extension.


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When Michigan decides and decided to go to California and recruit that's when things would change. Paige I've seen personally many times pitch and he's a beast. There are so many kids here in California that can play baseball REAL GOOD that it baffles me how the Big10 is barely coming west. I know hundreds of kids (yes I said 100's) that are better then most of these kids who play in the BIG10 that play community college baseball. Unless you have been on the Baseball Circuit here in Cali you wouldn't really understand. I know tons of kids who take 25% or 50% and go To the Midwest!


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My son went to a showcase on the east coast this summer. There were coaches from really small D3 schools (what he's looking at) but there were also coaches from top D1 programs, like Vanderbilt and Texas. Some of the "boys" who were there were huge -- 6' 4", 6' 5", 220. They made my son, who is 6'2" and 155 pounds, look like a pipsqueak. It was actually pretty intimidating. I didn't see any Michigan coaches there, though. I'm not very familiar with the whole process and whether Michigan utilizes those kinds of events. 


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Are huge! The talent lever at the Southern California and Arizona Showcases is ridiculous. These smaller schools are making out like bandits by offering 50% to all the West Coast kids. A know another one who just signed or verbal to Tennessee St or Middle Tennessee St last week, same high school as Isiah Paige went to here in Cali. And he got 50% just like that.


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I know that the Michigan coaches go to the Area Code Games showcase in Southern California every year. That's one of the top showcases, if not the top one. It features players from around the country, but with Bakich and his staff recruiting California so hard (and successfully), it makes sense for them to go there. I'm sure they go to others, although I couldn't say which ones.