Michigan back in it for Stefon Diggs

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This morning on "recruiting roundup" Sam Webb said that according to his coach, Stefon Diggs has Michigan in his top 5. For the longest time, Stefon said that he liked Michigan, but that "Michigan doesn't like me like that". Well, it looks like Michigan must be confident that his grades are going to be good enough to qualify, because now they "like him like that". Stefon is incredibly talented, and it would be an amazing get, if we were able to land him in this class. Now having said that, all of this is just talk until he visits campus, but to be in the top 5 of a kid like this this late, is a very good thing. It seems like (from the interviews I've read) he's always wanted to make Michigan one of his official visits, they just both needed to get on the same page with Stefon Diggs's academic side of the ball. Dare I say "Buckle Up"?




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Talking about a young man's grades, but with Stefon, it's difficult beating around the bush about it. It's unfortunate, but it really is the Gorilla in the room.


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Understood, but Gorillas make all of us think about Ohio... and we can't have that.

How about "it's the Walrus in the room?"    Nope, Danny Hope.

Ok, "the Donkey in the room?"   No, too Zookish.

Let's go with "the Possum in the room."   That seems safe enough

Yost Ghost

November 3rd, 2011 at 5:53 PM ^

the only North American marsupial and kind of creepy at that.  The beadie eyes, the fangs, the hissing and likes to eat dead things, disgusting. Definately something you don't want in the room. Especially if you happen to have some road kill attached to your leg.

Red is Blue

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500 lbs?  That's one wimpy gorilla.  The gorilla normally weighs 800 lbs.

Apparently not the first time the gorilla and elephant have been interchanged.  Wrt the 800 lbs gorilla, according to wikipedia:


The metaphor  has been mixed, on occasion, with the metaphor of the elephant in the room, as in TV advertisements by the financial firm AXA Equitable broadcast in 2010[2]. In 2011 former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee referred to the healthcare plan instituted by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as "the 800-pound elephant in the room".[3]



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Diggs may be a 3 and out talent, and I'm not sold Morris will start as a freshman over senior Gardner. They would have one, maybe two years together. Could be a hell of a year with fellow junior Payton/Darboh on the other side and the current OL recruits protecting Sugar Shane.


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I like you Stefon.  I mean I LIKE like you. Also I think it's a sign of serious interest that he wasn't  deterred/offended by our initial slowplaying of him.  I think a lot of these kids would write us off for that.


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You have to think seeing his former high school teammate and good friend, Blake Countess, starting already as a true freshman here kept us in play this whole time. If we can get an official visit from him...look out.


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These final four games are so crucial. If we play well and win 3 or four of our next games, I think it gives us a legit shot at some major talent.

However unlikely, if we landed Diggs, Shaq Thompson, Brionte Dunn, Banner or Garnett, and Yuri Wright, I think that would give us the #1 recruting class this year.