NMU Blue

August 6th, 2011 at 8:01 PM ^

but now I'm getting to the point where I hope to see you've torn someone a new ass just as much as I want to see who we sign next.  I hope you start a hockey blog somewhere or become a featured diarist on here.  I love reading about your experiences and getting a better understanding of how hockey recruiting really works.  I also like that you aren't afraid to just call someone out for being a moron.  Just when I'm afraid the comments section on Mgoblog are turning into Mlive, you or Magnus tear it up.


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I don't see t-rich leaving, but wright or reeves would be a huge commit. Still want diamond and washington as well. Pipkins would seal the deal if ross can somehow get him to come here.


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I don't think T-Rich is going to drop Michigan; I just think that he wants to take his visits and live a little. I completely understand his perspective and the coaching staffs perspective. If T-Rich can't give a solid commit and refrain from taking officials, then the coaching staff will look out for the best interest of the institution and continue recruiting high profile CB's.

Mr Mackey

August 6th, 2011 at 2:53 PM ^

Don't get too excited about Washington. I have a hard time believing we'll take another DE. Pipkins is as close to a lock as there is, but I agree that Wright or Reeves would be great even if T-Rich is staying on.


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When I asked my contacts at the AD regarding using  private planes for recruiting, they said they didn't do that.

They said the only time they flew private was when it really, really made sense, and the example they gave was the socials that Belein, Hoke, Berenson and Brandon went to on that whirlwind tour.  

This wa a few years ago before the  Brandon era, so things might have changed.


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reading the interview with TRich, why can't we just not talk about him.  Not that I don't want him, b/c I do!  But our fretting won't change the fact that he needs to figure it out for himself.  Leave him alone if he needs his process, all this attention to his level of committment seems like its bugging him.

Meanwhile...cool we're in it for another top DB!

Magnum P.I.

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Fans are free speculate on the recruitment and commitment status of high-school players. Nobody is slandering or violating the privacy of Terry Richardson by suggesting that he might still be interested in looking at other schools. 


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Yes, since a.) it's a thread about Yuri, despite the fact that it (and every) discussion we have had about CB recruits lately has devolved into a thread about T-Rich, and b) since Tom maintains that the continued CB recruiting is not a reflection of the staff's feelings about T-Rich, but rather that they want another CB.  It doesn't matter if this second point is believed by the masses (it's not), but it is Tom's stance, and I doubt that has changed.


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And just to add, even if something were to happen with Terry (not implying anything), it's my understanding that they would look to fill that spot with another corner. It has more to do with the current roster. 

Obviously that can change, especially if the numbers don't add up, but that's the thinking right now.

Mr Mackey

August 6th, 2011 at 3:07 PM ^

Also, it's not thread-worthy, but Hufman from Scout reported that Magnuson just picked up an offer from USC, and he's still 100% blue. Good offer for him, and he's a guy who could get some consideration for a fifth star