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Submitted by ijohnb on November 29th, 2017 at 8:34 AM
Michigan basketball travels to Chapel Hill tonight for a matchup with the 13th ranked Tar Heels fresh off a whoopin from Sparty. Tough break to get these guys on a bounce-back game. I, for one, am hoping that our guys Respectable Loss the hell out of Carolina tonight, but we are going to need some big time play to get it done. Believe it or not, this is the first time these programs have met since a 1993 matchup in New Orleans. In that game, one of our players called a timeout in the last minute. Funny thing was, we didn’t have any timeouts left. What a goofy situation! It wasn’t soul crushing, heartbreaking, or completely devastating or anything like that. It was all just lol silly! So what is everybody looking for tonight? Predictions, other early-season thoughts? I want to see Charles Matthews be The Guy against a good opponent. I would really like to see him establish himself as our go to offensive player. Would also like a little clarity at the point guard position. In any case it is shaping up to be an interesting game. Hoops! Go Blue.



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I would like to see us Assist and 3-Pt NC to death.  To win, we will need to hit our shots.  We can't have any long, scoreless gaps.  We'll be badly outrebounded, so we need to be on target. If so, anything can happen.  I heard something about NC shooting a record low against Sparty.  We can't hope to defend that well, so we'll have to wear them out and outscore them.

So far, the B1G is getting their collective asses handed to them in the B1G-ACC Challenge.  Tonight's matchups don't look much better.


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There are few college sports teams I hate with a passion- UNC basketball, OSU, Alabama football, ND, and PSU football.
Last year I watched every UNC march madness game just to root for them to lose. I was royally pissed when they won it all. I hate cheaters. And that’s what UNC basketball does. Cheat. Nothing makes me more angry than watching cheaters succeed. Every year I hope that UNC will have a terrible season, but it never comes. I will be at this game and you’ll be damn sure I will be cheering my head off for the good guys. Fuck UNC.

L'Carpetron Do…

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They also play a disgustingly ugly brand of basketball. They are the anti-Michigan/Beilien. I'm always bummed about these games because it always still feels like pre-season and Michigan can never really hang with programs like this at the beginning of the year.  Beilein's teams are built for March. But I would love to see them play their butts off and stick it to UNC tonight.

Steal one tonight from a wounded Heels squad, because the schedule gets very rough over the next few weeks. GO BLUE!


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Yeah, I'm sure you're just a guy with high moral expectations and this intense hatred has *nothing* to do with your NC State fandom. Definitely an ethics thing. 


Side note: Pack Pride is the one forum I've seen that compares at all to the RCMB.


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Problem is, we desperately need a win because our OOC schedule is awful. Don't know which AD is responsible for it, but it's stupid scheduling. What little opportunity we had for good RPI wins was sent down the drain with the loss to LSU.


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Those are good opponents, and you need a few of those on the schedule, but you want to mix those in with wins that are 80%+ likely but against teams who won't drag your RPI down. So get UCLA/Texas/UNC, and mix that in with say a MAC or Mountain West team that is consistently decent in their conference. Games like UC Riverside are bad for your RPI and don't do anything for your resume.


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Sunday night. Back at the friendly confines on National Championship honor night, I'm sure the Tar Heels will be in different form. Carolina loves to run and gun. This will be a test of character and early season precision for Beilein's boys. Hopefully, we play some defense and make a few shots.

Maize and Blue…

November 29th, 2017 at 1:45 PM ^

with their size which is something we don't have especially since JB refuses to put Teske and Mo on the floor at the same time.  Even then we don't have the bigs State does.

Big 10 is currently down 6-1 in the challenge and will be the laughing stock of college basketball if this continues.  That alone will cost some seed spots coming tournament time.  Throw in seven OOC games against the bottom 125 in RPI and a D2 school and we will struggle to get a decent seed unless we get some upset wins against very good teams.  We've struggled with garbage so far lets see how the boys do against the first good team they have played so far.

uncle leo

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And I'm just not impressed whatsoever. Luke Maye is pretty good, and they have good pieces, but I dunno, they haven't moved the needle. Opportunity for a big W.


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There is no way UNC shoots as badly tonight as they did vs Sparty the other night...I hope we weather the storm and play a steady first half. 

It was their worst shooting performance in school history. 1/18 from 3 and 24.6% overall. 


November 29th, 2017 at 9:31 AM ^

LSU was a reality check, but there's been development since then. So maybe?

I haven't seen Carolina this year, but this kind of feels like a game in which Teske could make a difference. They will be focused on Mo.

Eli Brooks will start? Is that right? I like what I've seen from him -- there's a tenacity there. He's not ready, but you never know on a big stage like UNC. The future could be now, at least for one night.

Charles I. Matthews will get enough rebounds to keep us in it.


November 29th, 2017 at 9:28 AM ^

and then becoming the shooting option late. With Matthews, Wagner and Robinson, Michigan needs one more gunner to keep this interesting. Actually, Carolina is a team that loves to get to the rim and contest shots, so Wagner could do some damage outside.

Of course, caveats for poor shooting percentages at a foreign hostile environment always apply. Carolina will be looking to make an example out of Michigan tonight after getting torched by MSU.

JWG Wolverine

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The one thing that has driven me nuts about Michigan Basketball for the last several years is the fact that our offense has mostly consisted of making a few passes and just tossing up a three, then running away and not even thinking about a rebound as a possibility.

Why do we have to play basketball like that? It makes it far too based on luck. It’s like this for every game: we shoot well, we win, if we don’t we lose.

I think one of the main reasons why we had such a turnaround last year was because we started to move the ball around way more and REBOUND. As well as drive in for the two points, only considering the three when it is the best option. I really hope we could play more basketball like that this season.


November 29th, 2017 at 9:48 AM ^

the kind of scorer that Matthews has a chance to be, in additional to other offensive minded players like MAAR, Robinson, and Mo, I don't think this team needs from the PG what other good Beilein teams have needed from that position.  From what I have seen so far, I would play Simpson the majority of the minutes.  I know that he is very limited offensively, but he really quick and can get by defenders to draw the defense to him and then kick out.  He is also really pesky defensively and we tend to get more transition opportunities with him on the floor.  I don't not like Brooks but I have not seen anything out of him yet that is worth sacricifing Simpson's development.  I think he does a lot of things well and would like to see where he can take his game.


November 29th, 2017 at 10:35 AM ^

I agree that we don’t need Burke or Walton for this team to be successful. However, we do need leadership (in the sense of running the offense) and stability. Unfortunately, we don’t have either... yet. I’m a bit shocked that we’re a game away from starting BIG play and we have zero clarity about that position. Coach B will right the ship by the time March gets here - he usually does. But tonight... in Chapel Hill with no PG in a bounce back game? It might get ugly.