Michigan and Duke are basketball rivals?

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Right, so I was bouncing around the interwebz a little while ago basking in the fact that Duke lost and that we are #1 for now, and then discovered this:


Apparently the "rivalry" between Michigan and Duke is big enough to warrant a Wiki page.  I was utterly unaware of this.  I mean... what?




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I find it amazing when someone post a question or a opinion that doesnt quite mesh with the facts. The douschbag brigrade comes out and slams the kid/person. I take pride in UM fans behavior. Its a little bit of russian roulete to post anything on this boa

rd. Actually it seems like a certainty to get a dbag comment on every thread. Stop acting like a domer.



snarling wolverine

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I kind of agree, although Duke actually never won a national title before 1991 (so we won one before they did).  For a long time they were considered an elite team that couldn't get over the hump, sort of like Oregon in football now.  They had their breakthrough the year before the Fab Five arrived, when they pulled a huge upset and beat an undefeated UNLV team in the Final Four.


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Delete this post...young people learn about your university's sports history before posting on your university's biggest fan blog!


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This is just one man's opinion but the message board of the most prominent Michigan sports blog on the internet, frequented by the university's most ardent fans, seems like a pretty good place for a youngun to come to learn some things about the history of Michigan athletics. 


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exactly.  This is our opportunity to teach.  The OP might have worded his/her post slightly differently, more asking for knowledge, but hey, this post as written doesn't bother me.

I bet he will now be educated.

Now we can teach him about Gary Grant and the smoothest of shooters, Mr. Rice.


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MSU was crazy good during that span because they recruited the south heavily. Schools that now comprise the SEC were segregated, and legends like "Bear Bryant" and other racist, pro-slave coaches didn't allow blacks to play. Once schools desegregated, MSU lost that recruiting base and the rest is history. They were good because the south was, well, the south. To know this history makes the attitude if today's SEC fans even more intolerable.

M Fanfare

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I've always filed this one under the "Michigan-Illinois rivalry" category, where one school's fans are intense about it and the other school's fans are utterly unaware of the existence of the rivalry.


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This is true.  

In this aspect Duke bball is like M football...  there are lots of schools that consider Duke to be their rival, yet Duke would not say the same.

Duke does not consider Michigan a rival.  

Duke's rival is UNC.  I really don't consider any other school to be Duke's rival, including Maryland, and a lot of other Duke people would agree with this.



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I think we wish our program was at a point that Duke could be our rival. Kind of like Minnesota being our "rival" in football. Duke is the benchmark. We were good enough once to get on their radar, and then all of that got wiped away.


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It doesn't seem low to me.  Keep in mind that in basketball, there are no shared titles, since there's always (for 60+ years anyway) been a tournament.  UCLA has won 11 titles, Kentucky eight, Indiana and UNC five . . . there's only so many titles to go around.  Also note that all four of Duke's titles have come since 1991.


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its not a rivalry until both sides start beating each other on a regular basis. right now, duke clearly has the upper hand. so i don't consider it much of a rivalry. for now.......


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Coming from a friend that went to grad school at Duke (I don't think it was that dude that posted a thread...),

No. It's not a rivalry. This should be obvious, but Duke doesn't consider us in their stratosphere and honestly, rightfully so.


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THIS game was awesome! Michigan-Duke hasn't been a rivalry in close to 20 years but at one time it was intense. I remember hating Cherokee Parks as much as Lawrence Funderburk and Shawn Respert as a kid. It's still not a real rivalry since we don't play them annually anymore but, make no mistake, if we see them in the tournament all of the bad blood will be revisited especially the comment from Jalen calling Duke's players "Uncle Toms"


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Cherokee was def  the latter day Laettner, also, we cannot forget Mich/Duke in 08', when the Novak/Douglass era was put on the map.  Would embbed, but I'm too drunk to learn new things.  Keep in mind, walkons (Lee/Merrit, love em both) played vital minutes during this season, we've come a long way!





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There were some good ones between Michigan and Duke in the 1990s, and this was one of them - I think Bullock came out with 14 points in that game too, and Duke shot only about 35% or something like that from the floor. 

1995 was a good game too - we were more or less neck-and-neck the whole game statistically, and I think the 2nd half score was identical, so it was the four points Duke didn't get early on that decided the game in the end in our favor. Maceo Baston and Maurice Taylor both scored over 20 points, as I recall. 


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Don't mean to take my frustration for both board posts out on you, but YES I've always loathed Duke and consider them a rival, and YES i do badly want to be ranked #1. Maybe you guys are way younger than me, but obvious things should be obvious. 




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those who lived through the early '90s feel the rivalry.  The only basketball team I hate more than Duke is MSU.  That even includes Ohio.

I do accept that our hatred towards them is mostly one way.  I accept that it is somewhat of a UM vs. MSU football rivarly.  Hopefully, with a changing of our program, the rivalry will become more two-sided and grow.

Blue Ninja

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Hard to say that 20 years ago and the Fab Five is already "back in the day" but nevertheless it is true. 20 years ago this was developing into a big national rivalry. Then the Fab Five scandal hit and the rivalry as it were disentegrated. That said in the last couple of years that rivalry has been reignited but at this point it's not really a rivalry but as someone else pointed out more like bad blood.

I do remember hating on Laetner, Hurley and Parks. I had a hard time at points even liking the Dream Team because of Laetner but Jordan helped ease that. At any rate the only Duke player I ever liked and respected back then was Grant Hill. Today that hatred of all things Duke has certainly evaporated aside from those early 90's players, still can't stand them. But today's Duke teams do not hold that same level of disdain, perhaps because the smugness has been knocked out of them by losing som often early in the tournament despite high seeding.