Michigan allowing 0.5 yards per play fewer than anyone else in the country

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Michigan is allowing 0.5 yards per play fewer than the 2nd best team in the nation, per The Solid Verbal on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/SolidVerbal/status/1043910151609159680

The 2nd best team in the nation is allowing 0.4 yards per play fewer than the 10th best team.  The dropoff from everyone else to Michigan is striking.  They are also 4th in S&P thus far.  I've seen a lot of people saying here that this defense is not as good as 2016, or even 2017, but the numbers don't appear to back that up. 

Just thought I'd throw this out there for people who think the defense isn't that good this year.




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Full list:


Defensive Yards/Play Allowed (min 3 FBS opp)

  1. Michigan.. 3.6
  2. Washington St.. 4.1
  3. Temple.. 4.1
  4. Kentucky.. 4.2
  5. Washington.. 4.3
  6. Iowa.. 4.4
  7. Maryland.. 4.4
  8. Clemson.. 4.4
  9. Notre Dame.. 4.4
  10. Florida St.. 4.5

Leaders And Best

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A couple issues.

1. It is not adjusted for competition level. FSU's schedule is not weak to date, but it does include one FCS team.

2. Small sample size. One outlier or facing one terrible offense could significantly impact the numbers.

Also as the post above said, FSU's primary problem has been on offense, and more specifically, the offensive line. There is some talent on their defense.

Durham Blue

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I said before the season started that I thought this year's defense could be better than both 2016 and 1997.  The starters are beginning to flex their muscles.  And the backups are getting quality PT so experienced depth is growing.  If the guys stay relatively healthy, this D has a real chance to be Michigan's best in a very long time.


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Now, now....the OP of the "Perspective" thread had it right. To maintain perspective, you must respond to arguments no one ever made and disconnect yourself from the actual numbers. Only by doing these things can we maintain "perspective".

In all seriousness though, the numbers say that, four games into the season, this is a pretty damn good defense. Definitely agree with that.


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I think the defense was suffering at DT early on in the season but Kemp and Mone have really come on and Marshall has bolstered the depth. Once Solomon is back, this defense will be at or above 2016 levels in my opinion. Bush is equal to or better than Peppers and Hudson is a helluva Viper, Gary and Winovich are the best pair of DEs in recent history, and the CBs are close to Lewis and Clark. The safeties aren't quite as good this year but pretty close. 


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LOL!!  It was just last week that people were actually considering whether Brown was good at his job.  I mean, somebody (don't remember who, but probably one of the cratered accounts) that literally said "Don Brown sucks"!  Seriously.  Someone said that.