Michigan Air Jordan 1 Trainers Available Online - Dick's Sporting Goods

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I understand that I will probably get negged for this and I know a thread was created on this topic a few days back. But nobody goes back to those threads much, so this new information would be lost there and at least I checked to see if this was already covered 3-4 threads down. 

In short, the supply on Nike.com is running low, I tried to purchase yesterday night and they were sold out of my size. I then decided to check Dick's Sporting Goods and voila, there is the shoe with sizes from 8-14 and completely in stock. 

MODS: I understand if this needs to be removed, however, I'm not sure this shoe will be released again and I wanted to help as many people as I could purchase it. 

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So if we have the capacity to understand, and actually take the time to write things like this:

I understand that I will probably get negged for this and I know a thread was created on this topic a few days back.

Then why don't we have the wisdom to just walk away from the keyboard?



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it seemed like there were still some people out there that were looking for the shoe and I decided to help those people out. The old thread was buried and thus likely not to be read. Also, some people on the blog are scared about what to post and what not to post. I'm not going to be someone that doesn't post something for fear of being negged. It's the internetz, not life or death, people will find a reason to neg you regardless. If it helps a couple people out, I don't mind the snark.


EDIT: Also, to show you how little it bothers me to be critiqued online, I upvoted you. 


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I completely missed people clamoring about looking on the MGoBoards for links to where they could buy a pair of shoes.  My point was that you identified exactly why the thread didn't need to be posted (and it does come up in the search), but went ahead anyway.

And in response to your last, to show you that I too can handle the sharing of ideas without letting it become personal, I'll inform you that I didn't downvote your initial post or your response to mine.  There.  We're both bulletproof.

Maybe I should have said it differently.  The obsession that people have with clothes--specific models of shoes in particular--is ridiculous.


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Do we have reason to believe Nike won't continue to manufacture a product in high demand, overseas and at a cost that is a fraction of the $125 retail?

MGJS SuperKick Party

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IMO they are not terribly comfortable. They are getting broken in, but the Achilles sock liner is taking a super long time. I've gone from "shit this might rupture to eh, I'm going to get some nasty blisters."


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Also, some of the NikeID custom products now show a Varsity Maize color as an option. Looks pretty sharp comboed with Game Royal blue if you ask me.


Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 shown above.


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This is interesting given that "Varsity Maize" was our pre-Adidas Nike colorway, whereas now we have "Amarillo." Varsity Maize / Midnight Navy is my favorite colorway combo. The Game Royal hue pushes it a little too close to Cal for my liking, but still looks great.


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Go online or w at and look at the Jordan Dunk from above show. It's the classic #4 Jordan it maize and Blue. These shoes are very hot and I bet u will like them. Trust me


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I saw the link to the OSU shoes while I was at that link, and just for fun clicked it. The reviews weren't all that great, but this gem stood out, for sure:

OK, fess up -- which one of you guys did this?



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Colors are Off
August 22, 2016
fromColumbus, oh
These shoes do not match porpoise and ruby, the colors of the Ohio st university. And they'll never stand up to the foot deep chew spit, and empty natural light cans strewn about campus. Disappointed Buck.