Michigan #6 in Rivals top 120 countdown; Denard #7 in top 100 players countdown

Submitted by althegreat23 on August 13th, 2012 at 11:26 AM

From MGoLogan:

Rivals.com is finishing up their top 120 countdown, and over the weekend they ranked UM #6. They also had MSU #7 and Wisconsin #10. Probably too high, but it won't matter after week 1 anyway, as UM will either move up or down. Rivals also has Denard at #7 in their top 100 players countdown.








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I guess I'm looking at it a bit differently.  From a pure talent/coaching standpoint I totally agree in the #6 ranking but when I look at the schedule I can see four potential losses (nfortunately) without too much stretch.


@ Notre Dame

@ Nebraska


Even if we split that Battan death march schedule and only lose two we'd still not be ranked in the top 6 IMO.  

I hope we win all four and I already have tickets to the Alabama game so God know's I want to be wrong here but I can see this year's team having a worse record than last year's and still be a better overall team.


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While I agree that Alabama is a daunting game, I still contend that neither ND, Nebraska, nor Ohio have proven that they have a QB who can beat Michigan this year.  

As for the "Battan (sic) Death March," I fail to see how an event in which up to 13,000 people died, depending on the accuracy of the count, has anything to do with the schedule for a bunch of student-athletes on scholarships playing a football game.  You may want to find better metaphors and alalogies in the future.


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For this team to be ranked that high, at least two new guys are going to have to step it up pretty big in the receiving corps, and Denard is going to have make people respect his ability to hit an open receiver. That is the whole key to this team. Last year the better defenses, especially later in the year, seemed to figure out that if you completely lean downhill on Denard and his running ability you can contain our offense enough to beat us.

I guarantee that is what Saban is planning to do. So will Michigan State, and so will Ohio. If we can get Denard out of Texas in one piece I think this team will get better and better as the year goes on.

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I think the real key is for Denard to recognize more often that he has the ability to scramble if plays break down.  He does this very rarely, and opposing defenses have taken note.  If he starts taking off more often when he has running room, that will open things up big-time in the passing game.  Defenses will have to play zone coverage and our WRs will have an easier time getting open.