Michigan 6-15 from three

Submitted by Fuzzy Dunlop on January 13th, 2018 at 3:10 PM
Craziest stat of the game, IMO. If someone had told you before the game we would make only six three pointers, how much would you have assumed that we would have lost by? This team is capable of winning in ways that past Beilein teams could not. Great defense, elite athleticism, yet still playing a beautiful brand of offense that is less reliant on the three than past years. The rest of this season, and the next few seasons, may be quite special.



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From in close.  Which really shows how freaking good this team played on the defensive end.  Love the mixture of young guys and leaders.  40 minutes of focus.  Love it.


The Fugitive

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making 23 straight FTs was big. forcing 18 turnovers was big. 11 offensive boards was big.

Speaking of big, can we get a team doc to examine Moe's testicles?  I have to imagine they are massive...like when I buy grapefruits from Meijer and put them in a pastic bag.


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To me, the crazier stat was Michigan shot basically the same number of foul shots in this game as MSU.  In virtually every prediction I read for this game, the assumption was MSU would shoot more FTs and Michigan would fire away from outside.  Throw in TV Teddy, and I'm amazed MSU didn't shoot 50 FTs in this game.


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The best defensive team we've had under Beilien as far as I can tell (kenpom agrees)

Masks the fact that this is not a great offensive team. But, I would NOT bet against this team being a great offensive team by the end of the year. Because that's what happens with John Beilein teams: they get better throughout the year, particularly on offense


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Even crazier is that I think that 40% actually outperforms by a few percentage points the team's season average, which hovers around 37%, as I recall, but as the OP said, this team seems like it is able to do things that some past Beilein teams struggled to do. It's fun to watch.


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"We just gotta get tougher. It's pretty simple. Teams are out-toughing us. ...That's tough, especially to a school like that, that don't even focus on [being tough]." -- Miles Bridges

So, am I correct to assume that Izzo actually tries to coach "being tough"?? That would explain our recent success against these guys


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I had to go look at a couple of houses today (only time the agent was available was during the game, sadly), so I listened to a fair amount of the game in the car, and George Blaha made it sound like we were just chucking up dumb, lucky threes. "This three ball has been really good for the Wolverines today!", over and over. Not the case at all.