Michigan #4 In South Region, Facing South Dakota State In Auburn Hills

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on March 17th, 2013 at 6:14 PM

4 seed playing South Dakota St

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25-9 (13-30,won Summit Conf (league Oakland is in),lost to Minnesota,Oakland,Bama. 74 points per game,3 guys +40% 3 pt shots......be nice if NC St upsets Kansas


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After a brief glance, here is my initial elite eight prediction:









Imo, the Big East has favorable draws all over the place.


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Isnt VCU perfect matchup for us, a up tempo fast pace game?

And why the hell does everyone keep talking about NDSU point guard like he is amazing he averages 3 assists a game.


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(22 PPG and 39% 3-Point shooting) and we play crappy perimeter defense.  If our defense wasn't so suspect, people wouldn't be eager to pick the upset.  If Timmy's ankle is all good, I'd put him on Wolters and have him lock it down.  


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If we are as good as we are supposed to be this bracket should be really favorable for us. If we get through the first two games we should be happy to play Florida as the 3 seed. They aren't bad but they aren't as good as they are ranked either. Who knows from there.


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Even after giving due respect to everybody who made it, I'm pretty sure this is the easiest draw Michigan has had for their first week since the 1980's.  Michigan will either have to play way below their talent level or have an opponent play way above theirs to lose either of the first two games.  

Once you get to the second week, they're all tough, barring a small conference team having a three-day miracle to get into the second week.  Getting to the second week will be progress for the program, and any other wins will be "gravy."



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SDSU is a win, not worried.  VCU is one team I wanted to avoid, as well as Georgetown.  Think we match up better with Florida so I will root for them.  Kansas is a tough matchup for us as well should we get that far, big athletic guys and a center who lets nothng happen inside defensively.  BUt, KU has had a few bad games, as has G'town. 


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SDSU has the longest home win streak in the country. Hope we fill up the palace and make it as far from a home game for them as possible.

Sons of Louis Elbel

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First, one OT point: I am the child of SUNY Albany profs, and grew up a stone's throw off campus. As a kid, I went to SUNYA football and bball games, which were D-3 back then. And now we get Duke - w/the whole country rooting for us, no doubt. Cannot tell you how sweet it'd be to actually pull that one off. Hope I can count on my MGoFamily to root a little extra hard for the Great Danes. (As if you needed any motivation.)

As for (the other) us: I know SD State seems like a trendy upset pick to a lot of people, but am I the only one not that scared? They lost 9 games this year, i.e. more than we did, against considerably weaker competition. And I'd sure as hell rather play a team whose best player is their PG, than, say, in the frontcourt. Burke plays D. As we all know, we're certainly capable of just not showing up and making an early exit, but I don't think this is such a bad match-up. Ditto for the region as a whole. Not saying we're likely to get past Kansas (or even VCU, perhaps), but the South seems not nearly as bad as the Midwest: 'Ville, Duke, and Sparty as the top 3? Yeesh.

Go Blue! Go Great Danes!


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My Dad went to UM and settled in Albany (he came here for law school). He loved Michigan and everything associated with it, and when I was growing up here we were the only Blue family I knew. Yearly trips to Ann Arbor for homecoming were a highlight, and my two brothers and I all went west to Michigan. I went to UAlbany's campus high school, The Milne School, and learned to drive on the UAlbany campus. My husband and I now live in the shadow of that campus, and, short of Michigan getting to the Final Four or further, nothing would make me happier than a Great Dane upset of the Great Blue Devil.

Ty Butterfield

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Vitale has lost it. Michigan will struggle just to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Unless the last couple of weeks of underperforming have been an elaborate ruse by Beilein like that one episode of "Coach".


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South Dakota has the #209 ranked defense. (For reference: Penn St #135, Nebraska #115, Northwestern #150). There will be no first round upset this year.

Michigan struggles vs teams with Elite defenses such as Kansas, Georgetown, or Florida. This team has sweet-16 berth and no further written all over it.