Michigan #4 In South Region, Facing South Dakota State In Auburn Hills

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on March 17th, 2013 at 6:14 PM

4 seed playing South Dakota St

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VCU is very athletic and forces a lot ot tournovers. Michigan will have to focus on defense for that game as VCU can hang with Michigan's offense. Akron would be easier after losing their PG a few games ago. VCU has a has a chance to go far this year if they have the right match ups with their up tempo offense and defense. Half court teams will give them trouble.


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BASKETBALL. Who cares who they play. If they play well enough they will win. If they screw around and not share the ball and stand around waiting for Burke to do something they will lose. You have to play good teams throughout the tournament. There are no easy matchups. Be ready. Play hard. Win. Don't do that and you'll go home.

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Well...the reality is:

If we can't beat South Dakota State, VCU, or Akron, then we don't deserve to advance. That's how the tourney works.

This isn't about playing teams that are worse than you; it's about proving that you're better than your opponent.

We should just take this and feel lucky that we're playing in Auburn Hills.

As you were.


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Second part isn't. The point of it is to win 6 games and cut the nets. They don't give you more for beating 3 one seeds than they do if you never play anyone higher than a four seed. It's not a gauntlet. Breaks help. And if you didn't want to play seeds lower than you we wouldn't have all this effort to getting a one seed where everyone you play before the Final Four is worse thn you. They'd just throw all the names in a hat and draw them randomly if it didn't matter.


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Crap. I do not like this. South Dakota? They have that good point guard... and we've never dealt well with those this season. I hope I don't see another App. State.  I think the NCAA knew we don't match up well and put us with them intentionally, remember who Gene Smith's roommate is????  And the NCAA punishes Miami, typical childish response.  Miami got disrespected with that 2 seed and I thought we should've been a THREE at minimum.



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If we win round one which we should at home, I think we match up well with VCU....they are an offensive team with poor rebounding and average defense....I would have been concerned if we had a team that resembles Wisconsin...and Kansas is an overrated seed IMO. I like our draw


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There are very few blowouts in the tourney. At some point this team just has to decide they are gonna be mentally and physically tougher than the team they are playing. You are goig to have to beat great teams to acheive your goals. If this team plays well that can beat anyone I think most of this season they beat themselves. They lost to Penn state and got down huge in most of the big games on the road. We have talent, play good basketball and let the cards fall where they may.
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Nate Wolters is a stud. Probably the 2nd best PG in the nation. Luckily we have the 1st. Won't be easy but if we can limit Nate we have a massive talent advantage and should have a good home crowd.


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it appears a lot of the uptempo teams are in the south; kansas, ucla, unc, fla.  well, UM will get their chance to prove they are an uptempo team.