Michigan Up To #4 in Latest AP

Submitted by Mike Damone on December 17th, 2018 at 1:08 PM

Since Bambi disappeared following his unfortunate posting that had to be deleted - I thought I would get this up there.

Still behind Kansas, Duke and Tennessee, just above Virginia and Kansas.

North Carolina has re-entered the Top 10 after putting up 103 on Gonzaga.  Makes our win v The Tarheels look a little more impressive, eh?



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List of all relevant takeaways from the Western Michigan game:

1. Zavier Simpson looked comfortable and confident shooting the ball and went 3 of 4 from deep.


End of list.

Mike Damone

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Here are some other takeaways:  1) Charles Matthews had a very nice complete game when we needed it.  Also nice to see his free throw shooting look smoother in 2nd half.  2) When the bucket seemed to have a lid on it in 1st half - and it felt that way - team responded by focusing on really tough defense.  Going to have those days when shots aren't dropping, nice to figure out how to win anyways.  3) He may have a long way to go - but was nice for Austin Davis to look competent and not run around the floor like chicken with his head cut off.

We put another one into the Win column.  Good lesson to keep playing hard and getting better.

Go Blue!


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It is 10 seconds but it is never called.

His routine and prep look good, the beginning of his stroke looks good, when he gets the ball to the release point, if you look carefully he kind of "twitches" the ball to the left (when looking at it from behind him).  The ball is not getting the proper amount of arc because the ball is kind of fighting his hands when he releases it.  Most of misses are flat and back rim.   It is getting better, ever so slowly.


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Don't be surprised if Nova is a little like Michigan last year.  They have a lot of young, new pieces and that staff is really good at developing players obviously.

They just lost to the #1 team in the country on the road by 3.  Their advanced metrics (which are predictive) still have them in the top 20.  They're actually still projected to win the Big East outright by kenpom.  

They could easily start to gel and they'll definitely remain a Q1 win.