Michigan 2013 Instate recruiting

Submitted by Bluestreak on February 3rd, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Having seen the offers we've given out on the soon to be wiki, it is surprising to see so many offers outside of Michigan.

So far - I counted 4 in the 65 odd offers we've given out.

Shane Morris (MICH commit)

Wyatt Shallman

Steve Elmer (ND commit)

Jourdan Lewis

Is Michigan's talent pool shallow next year?

Also- is it just me who is bitter about Steve Elmer? We could sure have used his talent next year (which generally seems a weak year for OL in the country)



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What do you expect Coach Hoke to do?  Get everyone is the top 10 interested.  Coach didnt want to take a chance on AB's grades.  Elmer went to his dream school and DOB said Ann Arbor was too liberal for him.  Maybe in a couple of years, we can get the APR up and then we can wait for AB.  And maybe AA can bre more conservative to get DOB.


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I'm not bitter about Elmer specifically. More so with the fact that elite in-state talent is leaving. It doesn't matter how successful the team is or how well we recruit sometimes. There are going to be a few players that will be looking elsewhere, regardless. It's just a shame that it has to be a very good player.


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The 2013 class will be as loaded if not even more loaded as the 2012 class, but a kid im very impressed with also out of the PSL along with Lewis, is Demetrius Stinson, the kid sophmore and junior highlights are phenomenial along with the stats that he puts up are also best in the state.




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While I understand people talking about Elmer, IMO he is not the best OL in the state. Cameron Dillard is the best OL in the state. Plays against better competition and is a superior run blocker..Elmer is a much better pass blocker though..I understand that camps are a big thing now a days and from my understanding, Dillard has not been to many camps.But on the field of play, Dillard is just better..Im actually stunned that Michigan has not offered him.


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Dillard plays in the KVLAA and definitely doesn't play superior competition. He also really struggles with pass blocking cuz all they do is run.
<br>Where did you hear he hasn't camped much? I know that's false cuz he has camped and sent out film to everywhere possible since 8th grade.


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 First off, its the KLAA. Second, he does play in a superior league.That is just pure and utter fact..The Saginaw Vally Association is not a strong leage at all.A couple of good teams. As far as him not camping much, that came from a coach.I took his word. I cannot answer on film as I have no clue.So I take your word on that. Ive saw Dillard a dozen times in the last 2 years..He struggled his first year with pass blocking but was much better last year.To say he "really" struggles is a stretch. For their offense, they actually threw quite a bit last year.

And just a fyi.Im not some high schooler or friend. I have followed MHSAA football for 20 years and enjoy it. I go all over the state and see fantastic teams and players. I know our states leagues (except D5-8) very well. Again just my opinion from my history.


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I think Illinois will be our home state this year. It seems to be more loaded than it normally is. We will still get our 4-6 out of Ohio no matter who the coach is. As far as Michigan, it isn't deep. It has a few nice players at the top, but 2 of them have natural Spartan ties and will be tough pulls. Elmer was going to ND all along. It may be a good idea to keep in touch though. For some reason ND thinks they are better than the 8-4 program that they actually are, will will they move on from Kelly if he has another mediocre season?Who knows?

Dawson moving back helps, but there were reports that he didn't have a very good camp at Michigan last year. Trieu seems to think that Dawson and Dillard aren't sure fire Michigan offers. I suppose a lot will depend on how well they do with all those Illinois OL they have offered.


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With an "extra recruiter" in Shane Morris, and a staff that has proven to be extremely proficient in recruiting, 2013 will work out just fine.  As for Elmer, he is only one recruit and there are 85 schollies on a team.  One recruit won't make or break a football team, unless it is Terrelle Pryor, who ended up "breaking' the team he signed with, at least for a year or two.

A lean year in Michigan will hurt Sparty a lot more than it hurts the Maize and Blue.  Hoke and company will get their share of instate players who can play at an elite level, and then move on to the rest of the midwest.  Then, they will add a few players from the south and from the west.  

As for Sparty, next year will be a great example of how "national" they are, unless they want a class ranked in the 50's.