Michigan is #2 on Grantland Power Rankings

Submitted by AC1997 on January 23rd, 2013 at 6:32 PM

Michigan is ranked #2 on Mark Titus' power rankings on Grantland:


Even though he's an OSU alum and can be annoying at times, I've enjoyed his column this season as he mixes intelligent basketball comments with snarky jabs at various people or schools. 

His take this week touches on the OSU-UM game and was pretty interesting:

If you're wondering how good this team is, here's all you need to know: I'm an Ohio State alum who has been trained over the course of the past six years to hate everything about Michigan. Yet when my alma mater jumped out to a huge lead against the Wolverines last Saturday, a small part of me was hoping they'd claw back into the game, because I love watching this team at its best. Of course, I didn't want Michigan to win, and they came closer to pulling off the comeback than I would've preferred, but I'll admit that when Ohio State was handing their asses to them in the first half, the basketball fan in me was bummed I wasn't seeing the Trey Burke & Co. that I've grown to admire.

There's more about Michigan in the full column as well as Indiana and Minnesota. 



January 24th, 2013 at 7:51 AM ^

I know the reason I didn't respond is because the quote you excerpted just sounded like an OSU homer.  You mentioned his commentary is intelligent and snarky; I didn't see either of those attributes on display in the quote, though.