Michigan #17 in preseason AP poll

Submitted by M_Jason_M on August 17th, 2013 at 10:19 AM
The 2013 college football AP preseason poll has been released an Michigan is sitting at #17.

The top five is Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford, and Georgia.

Other B1G teams in the rankings include Nebraska at #18, Northwestern at #22, and Wisconsin at #23. Michigan State is sitting just outside the rankings as the highest ranking team in the "others receiving votes" category.

Link: http://espn.go.com/college-football/rankings



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Here's the partial report from Pollspeak, showing the level of agreement between this poll and the Coaches' Poll. If you've never run these reports before, the "1" in "Agree" means a team is in the same spot in both polls, and the "1" in either Higher or Lower means that a given team had a different rank in the Coaches' poll. 

Rank Team Agree Higher Lower
1 Alabama 1 0 0
2 Ohio State 1 0 0
3 Oregon 1 0 0
4 Stanford 1 0 0
5 Georgia 1 0 0
6 South Carolina 0 0 1
7 Texas A&M 0 1 0
8 Clemson 1 0 0
9 Louisville 1 0 0
10 Florida 1 0 0
11 Florida State 0 0 1
12 LSU 0 0 1
13 Oklahoma State 0 0 1
14 Notre Dame 0 1 0
15 Texas 1 0 0
16 Oklahoma 1 0 0
17 Michigan 1 0 0
18 Nebraska 1 0 0
19 Boise State 1 0 0
20 TCU 1 0 0
21 UCLA 1 0 0
22 Northwestern 1 0 0
23 Wisconsin 1 0 0
24 USC 1 0 0
25 Oregon State 1 0 0



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So basically one of them is copying off the other. And since the coaches poll came out first (?) it seems the media is copying off the grad assistants that vote for the coaches. I would love for every "coach" to just vote his team number one just to F with everyone. 100 team tie. Preseason polls are nonsense.

Ps all 4 of those other top 5 teams would smoke Ohio.


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Thanks to the OP for bringing this to our attention...but I'm so sick and tired of preseason polls.  They're so worthless.  Week 4 at the earliest are they worth anything.  

The upside is that an overrated ohio will stay near the top with their cake schedule which means more room for them to drop when they show up in November.  

Billy Ray Valentine

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Michigan:  4 games -- Ohio, ND, @NW and Nebraska. 2 vs. "others receiving votes" --  @MSU and @PSU

Ohio:  3 games -- @Michigan, @NW and UW.  1 vs. "others receiving votes" -- PSU.

Nebraska: 3 games -- @ Michigan, UCLA and NW.  2 vs. "others receiving votes" -- @PSU and MSU. 

NW:  4 games -- Michigan, Ohio, @ UW and @ Nebraska.  1 vs. "others receiving votes" -- MSU.

MSU: 4 games -- Michigan, @NW, @Nebraska and @ ND.  0 vs. "others."


Our road to the B1G Championship is the toughest, but not nearly as bad as last year.  Just focusing on winning the B1G, I'd rank the games as far as importance in the following order: 1) Nebraska; 2) @NW; 3) @MSU; 4) Ohio; 5) @PSU.  Obviously, the wins I'd enjoy most are 1(!) Ohio; 2) ND and 3) @ MSU.


The reason why I think Nebraska is the most important game is because it's intra-division, it's at home, and Nebraska has an edge over NW and MSU, because they play both at home.


I also think a 1-loss Ohio team, even if they're B1G champion, doesn't make the MNC over a 1-loss SEC champ or a 1-loss PAC 12 champ, therefore, we must Beat Ohio!



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Good point about Nebraska playing MSU and NW in Lincoln. Yeah, we need to beat the Huskers this year.

Fortunately, that will happen, I think. We match up well with them. I thought it was pretty clear that we would have crushed them at Lincoln last year if Denard had stayed in - or, for that matter, if we had thrown DG in there instead of Mr. Not Ready. Out of our six possible losses - @NW, @MSU, @PSU, OSU, ND, NU - I'd say I'm most confident about beating the Huskers at home. Depending on how Iowa's season goes, it might just be the case - unlikely, but conceivable - that beating NU at home is easier than beating Iowa on the road.


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Nebraska is getting a lot of hype due to the sr QB thing but they lost their top RB and I believe 7 starters off a very average defense.  I feel comfortable with that game at home as long as Devin is healthy.  Nebraska has reminded me a lot of Penn State when they first came into the conference - a bit overrated.


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Seems about right, given the uncertainty at a couple of positions.  I think as fans we know so much about our team that we don't perceive the same question marks as others from the outside, but I'm fine with #17.  Honestly, I know very little about Clemson, yet people are high on them.  Feels like an overrated ACC team, but who knows.  I'm sure Clemson fans feel differently.

Amazed that OSU is rated that high.  Yes, they went undefeated last season, but it felt like a pretty flukey run that is not going to be replicated.  I don't see them going 6-7 or anything crazy like that, but 2-3 losses are definitely in the cards.  Miller stayed healthy last year which is amazing, but given his style of play I don't expect that to continue.  Without him, that offense sputters unless the running game drastically improves, and that defense doesn't resemble those old Tressel outfits.  Along with Oregon, I see these two teams being the biggest "disappointments" of the high-ranked squads.


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Besides Urban, they have a 3rd yr starting QB and an easy schedule.  And are coming off an undefeated season that if not for sanctions would have had them facing ND for a phantom national title.  I think it will be difficult go undefeated in back to back seasons but other than @NW and @UM they dont have a really tough game on the schedule.  They have a road trip to a poor Cal team, so other than traveling 3000 miles to trip them up, that is a "maybe" some trouble game. They get Wiscy with a new coach at home and an injured PSU at home.  @NW seems like a trap game but everyone in the world has been saying its a trap game for 6 months so it is no longer a trap game.  But 2 tough road games and thats about it.  I expect them to trip somewhere but more than 1-2 losses seems improbable short of Miller getting hurt.


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You decide they are because pride or disappointment makes them so. 

However, the interesting thing is that Georgia plays Clemson, South Carolina and LSU in the first month of the season. (Are you kidding me) And Alabama gets  Va Tech and Texas A&M the first two weeks. Now this is the way they do it in the SEC, frontloading their schedules when losses don't kill you nationally, and then beat up teams through the remainder of the season to build momentum and be stronger at the end. 

Compare that to this school's big early test with ND in UTL II. So you have some early matchups which will automatically change season seedings making this early rundown a gamblers choice of proxies. 

Rooting out pretenders from contenders takes about a month or more, anyway, and by then Texas as that perennial favorite that never finishes despite everything that plays into their choice every year should be on the outside looking in again. 

It will be interesting to see if Ohio, which rarely ever plays a non-conference road game, has any actual troubles this year with the Golden Bears in Berkeley. 

Alabama is a sound No. 1 until someboby takes them down. And then you have Oregon and Stanford, which sound about right. The only question mark of a Top Ten team is Louisville, which some have picked for a potential national championship date with Alabama. I'm not buying their bandwagon message. 

There's been some trouble in Columbia with Clowney getting under the skin of teammates, we'll see whether the Gamecocks 


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to think that NW might be just a tad underrated at 22? I do as a fan feel that Michigan is better than them, but should anyone from a national perspective think that?

Zone Left

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Northwestern plays everyone tough, but they really don't ever seem to beat teams that clearly have better talent. I think they take a step back this year.

They had a nice win against Vanderbilt last season, but it's not like Vandy beat anyone good either. Michigan is poised to take a big step forward this season and Northwestern isn't going to be able stick with us.


August 17th, 2013 at 2:03 PM ^

Yeah, I don't think there are 21 teams in the country better than Northwestern. However, I'm not sure which of the ones ranked ahead of them should be dropped. The season will tell, obviously. I think on average 30% of the teams initially ranked are not ranked at the end of the year - and I don't think NW will be unranked at the end of the year - so yeah, I'd say they're under-ranked. Slightly. I'd guess they end the year in the 15-19 range.


August 17th, 2013 at 8:18 PM ^

I've always viewed NW as one of those mid-major tournament teams (think VCU) that can beat anyone but relies so heavily on one side of the ball to cover up their defensive limitations that it is hard to see them consistently win more than 9 games.  I mean, they'll have games where they just blitz people and run away with the game, but if you can slow down the spread even a bit they really don't have another gear, and the defense rarely can stay with uber-athletic squads.  Luckily for them only a couple of teams in the conference have those types of athletes, but you can still see their ceiling better than other teams.

Perkis-Size Me

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That's right about where we should be. I figured somewhere between 15-20 to start off the season, and beating Notre Dame might get us somewhere in the vicinity of the top 10.

OSU might be slightly overrated at #2, personally I'd rank Stanford and maybe Oregon ahead of them, but I hope they stay there all year. Let them run the table until November 30th, when they're so close to the BCS title game that they can taste it, and we just crush their dreams right before their very eyes.

Few things on this planet would make me happier.


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to start the season. If we can start off 6-1, which I think is very realistic, we should be no worse than 10-12 at that point. The tough stretch run of the last five games will tell the tale. I think we'd have to go 4-1 in that stretch to finish top 10. Also possible, but it will depend on how well our young talent develops over the first half of the season.


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I feel like Clemson is getting a lot of buzz based on their bowl win vs LSU. Boyd and Watkins will make for an explosive offense, but can their defense hold up I think is the question.