Michael Wilbon hates Michigan

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Listen closely at :48

Never liked him before, but now we can all have a tangible reason to dislike him.

Edit: This was news to me - especially since he said it under his breath and not overtly.



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I don't really care that he hates Michigan - plenty of people don't like Michigan. He's worthless other than his coverage of the NBA, anyways.

What irritates me is when Northwestern is doing well he mentions them non-stop. When they are doing poorly, he acts like he didn't know the school even existed.


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When they beat us at home in 1995 it was a punch in the face.   They were historically horrid for centuries and all of a sudden they beat ND in the first week then come to Ann Arbor and beat us.   

And then the next year we blew a big lead in Evanston.   2 straight losses to a bunch of nerds that we used to beat 42-10 year in and year out.

So, I'd say that 1995 was the shock of losing to a shit team.   1996 was the shock of reality that they were at least competitive.   And 2000 was the shock that they were actually here to stay (along with the gut punch way we lost).  And 2008 was just fricken' cold, miserable, and sad to watch.

That's 4 times they've done damage to us.


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it was, in his opinion, the most important single event in Western history. 

Incidentally, Mr. Dickman also tried to convince us that his last name meant "warrior of the forest" or some such thing in German.  He was wrong about the name thing.


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moderator: please spell... "defenestrated"

10 year old: can i have it in a sentence?

moderator: The wolverines defenestrated the wildcats in OT for the second time this year.

10 year old: Can I have the definition?

moderator: defenestrated, to throw out of a window.

10 year old: Can I have the language of origin?

moderator: Latin, from the latin word for window fenestra.

10 year old: defenestrated..... d.... e......f......e.....n...e.....s.....t...r...a....t...e....d... defenestrated.

moderator: correct

10 year old: (while fist pumping) YES!!!!


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We're really good at things and people hate us for it. Get used to it. A Northwestern alum isnt allowed to hate on the best school in the B1G? Where's the news here?


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Is it just me but I actually don't mind the guy. Homerism aside (from both parties) I do enjoy watching both him and Tony do their thing on PTI and they've done a great job over the years. Does he have his biases? Sure, but that's part of his role in my opinion, and he's not a complete jackass about it (see Baless, Skip and Cowherd, Colin)


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Every unabashed fan of one school hates at least one other school.  Most of us hate MSU and/or OSU.  Alabama and Auburn hate each other.  Etc.  Wilbon is a columnist, not really a reporter, so who really cares if he hates Michigan?  He went to Northwestern, and since Northwestern isn't very good at sports that anyone cares about, then not many people hate Northwestern. 

He hates Michigan because Michigan is good at a lot of things, including academics.  He can't feel superior over Michigan, and that seems to bother him.  Oh well.


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Wilbon is just another grad of just another school that hates Michigan and sees them as a "rivarly game."  









Honorable Mention: Tennessee.  They still complain about "Peyton Manning's Heisman" going to Charles Woodson.  



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Wilbon bothers me much less than Cowherd and Jim Rome.  He seems a bit more grounded & can admit when he's wrong at least (which, lets face it: if your job is to give opinions all day you are going to be wrong quite a bit).  Cowherd and Rome actually seem to believe the crap they spew.  I'll still listen to Cowherd now and then because at least he's entertaining.  Rome is just obnoxious and not funny. 

Wolverine Devotee

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I bet he was crying yesterday.

Lost in OT TWICE to Michigan in basketball this season, got smoked at home in the 2nd half in football after leading by 10.

northwestern, please, stick to chess.


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I think there was a thread about Wilbon hating Michigan a couple weeks ago. He's said that he hates Michigan out of respect or something like that. I believe Wilbon is an arrogant piece of shit due to how much name-dropping of his buddies goes on. Clearly wouldn't cut it as a Michigan Man so if he hates us, whatever.


EDIT: Question for anyone with more knowledge on the subject of Michigna/Northwestern. Is it normal for Northwestern fans to hate Michigan as much as Wilbon? Where does M lie on their hierarchy of rivalries? Thanks!


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I've got degrees from both institutions. Northwestern doesn't have rivalries to the degree of any of Michigan's top three rivalries. Instead, NU's attitude toward other teams in the B1G is a strange mix of underdog challenge to established powers and smug assurance of intellectual superiority that combines Michigan arrogance with private school arrogance into a particularly obnoxious cocktail (see, regular chants of "state school/state school" for penalties called against other teams). 

Illinois, if anyone, is NU's main rival, but it doesn't really generate much heat, largely because most students come to the school with no past alligence (and many with only passing familiarity with midwestern geography beyond "Chicago is south of Evanston.") To a certain segment of the Northwestern student fan base, all other schools in the B1G are basically the same: large public institutions to be viewed condescendingly.

I loved the education. Highly ambivalent about many of my fellow classmates. Which is true of most places, I suspect.


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In football, Michigan's record vs Northwestern during Wilbon's college years (1976 to 1980):

  • 1976 W 38-7
  • 1977 W 63-20
  • 1978 W 59-14
  • 1979 W 49-7

That's not saying much because Northwestern's record during these years was awful:

  • 1976 1-10
  • 1977 1-10
  • 1978 0-10-1
  • 1979 1-10



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Personally, I prefer to know the allegiances of the talking heads on sports talk radio and TV.  Easier to decide if they are being impartial or not.

He went to NU and doesn't like UM.  At least he's true to his roots, and it's not like he says terrible, inflammatory things about UM.  Fine by me.


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Growing up in the suburbs north of Chicago you quickly learn what a great school Northwestern is. It is amazing that in this modern age Nortwestern remains relevant in both football and basketball. One could have easily seen Northwestern athletics go the way of the Univ. Chicago, a former Big 10 power, still terrific academically, but not ESPN worthy.

Heinous Wagner

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When people like Wilbon flap their gums like this, I instantly think of the old Firesign Theater line, delivered by Nick Danger: "The great prince issues commands, founds states, vests families with fiefs. Inferior people should not be employed."