michael wilbon calls out ND

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I was just watching sportscenter and Michael Wilbon    called Notre Dame the Floyd Mayweather of college football because they want to go to a crappy division to win. Referring to ND going to the ACC (ortiz) and dodging the BIG (pacquiao). I thought this was funny and wanted to share.



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For the same thing...

Today Andy Staples on DPS says the same...the BigTen w/UM & OSU would be able to bully ND so they'll go to a weaker conference where they can be the 'bully' and impose their NBC TV deal on the conference.

Noter dame sucks


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*Disclaimer*  Like I said, not a boxing a expert.  But didn't Manny agree to the blood test, just not within X number of days of fight (if I remember right something about not wanting to give up blood that close to a fight).  Whether it's 2 days, or 2 weeks before I fight, if he was doing something he shouldn't I think he would get caught.


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It's more like Mayweather is looking for any possible excuse not to fight Pacquiao.... Pacquiao has no reason to accept those ridiculous terms in which Mayweather is insinuating that Pacquiao uses some prohibited substance. Bottom Line: Mayweather is scared. After all, he's the one holding up everything with his ridiculous precedents. If you come up with any other logical reason for why this fight is not scheduled already then please reply...


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Seriously? Do you think Mayweather really cares how much money Bob Arum is going to make from this fight? Mayweather only cares about two things: (a) his chances of winning the fight against a faster, harder hitting opponent like Pacquiao and (b) the amount of money he's taking home at the end of the day. We certainly know (b) is not a problem... I really cant understand how other people cant see it, HE'S SCARED!


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Yes he does care.  The two used to be business partners and there has been a lot of friction between them for years.  You said it yourself, Mayweather doesn't need the money.  I'm a fan of both but a bigger fan of Pacquiao and agree with everything Blue Since Birth says below.  Most people have come to hate Money May but behind the scenes he's still Pretty Boy Floyd from Grand Rapids who busts his ass everyday to be the best and isn't afraid to get in the ring with anyone.

Blue since birth

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I like Pacman and I can't stand Floyd... And he's a great fighter, no question.

Having said that...

I rarely lose a bet on boxing despite taking underdogs with most of my picks (wish I could say the same about NCAAF). My money's going on Floyd without hesitation. 

Floyd by late tko or lopsided decision.

BTW- Floyd's going to be the much bigger man physically. I'm also not so sure about Pac being "faster".

I hope some of this was coherent.



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IDK why they won't man up and join the B10.  They already have 3 rivalries with Big Ten schools.  Academically and geographically it makes sense.

Anyway if they go to the ACC, good riddance.  Have fun sucking in your new conference.




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Over the past decade or so when every summer the inevitable, "Noter Dame" should join the BigTen conversation begins ...

1. The NBC deal and BCS loopholes special for ND
2. Academically not a research school
3. Regardless of the misguided arrogance of the fanbase, ND would be 4th powerful behind M, Ohio* & PSU in the B10
4. Already in the BE for basketball, wants to stay Indie for football
5. Being dominated by Michigan schools & Ohio is discouraging

But above all else, they don't want to join the BigTen because .....they'd lose everything that makes them 'special' and thinking they're special is what keeps ND fans alive.


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I think Notre Dame will finish this year strong and that Kelly will get them on the right track.  It will be good to see the UM/ND rivalry have national implications again if it already doesn't.


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I was talking to an ND alumni coworker about this topic today.  He was trying to give me some BS line that the ACC is more geographically diverse and would better serve their diverse and spread out fan base playing regularly up and down the east coast.  He actually referred to ND as America's team (yeah just like the Cowboys) and that is why the ACC is better than the B1G since all the B1G schools are in the midwest and the school has a strong presense there already.  He also tried to say that the ACC was a better fit academically too. I just laughed and told him to keep believing whatever he was trying to convince himself of because he wasn't doing a good job of that to me. 


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While I don't doubt that your coworker is a ND slappy, ND probably does fit in the ACC better from an institutional standpoint. Their problem is that the ACC is a (big) step below the Big Ten in football and they would always have people saying they went there to avoid M/OSU/PSU/Nebraska. Recently, I'd say that Iowa and Wisconsin could play and beat anyone in the ACC (Iowa did in 2009) and they're second tier schools here.


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Their research sucks, but that's not the only definition of academic prestige (though it certainly is the B1G's). Amherst probably spends less than five million a year on research and their academics aren't really in question as elite. Same with the service academies.

The ACC is happy with BC, and they have basically the same academic model as ND does.


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Wake actually holds its own on the research front. They do ~$200m a year, which puts them in the lower third of the ACC, B1G and Pac, but they would be in the middle tier of the SEC and top tier of the BE and BXII, and that's with a very small school. I don't know where to find faculty numbers, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Wake exceed some big name schools on a "research per faculty member" basis.


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isn't my standard, it's the BigTen's consideration for inclusion. Noter Dame is overrated academically based on my personal experience professionally and in graduate school. US News rankings and all that nonsense based on a private school that draws from parochial, private high schools schools that are hugely advantageous in terms of resources results in skewed 'averages'

The Dukies, Nerdcats and TarHeels and Wolverines I work with and among and have known make ND alum seem quite average, aside from the arrogance of being a 'Domer'