Michael Taylor on WTKA regarding Corwin Brown being blown off by Hoke/Brandon

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Uh oh...anyone else hear MT go atomic on the current regime for not answering Cornflakes' request for the DB job?




Podcast in 3 parts under Big Show, labeled Michael Taylor 1, 2 and 3.


Honeymoon of a united Michigan showing cracks?  


I'm sad.



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The opening press conference was lather fest about how the program, its alumni and boosters need to be united behind a "Michigan Man".  I am not going criticize Hoke, if he thinks Curt Mallory is the best man for the job than great.  But he and Brandon do have to watch out, perception is reality and creating a racial division in the program could get really ugly.  Hopefully this is just the rants of a rouge former player and not signs of a further schism. It would be interesting to find out the whole story here I just hope Brandon really is, to steal a term from GWB, the uniter he has been sold as, the heir apparent to Bo and not a stubborn narcissist.


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This isn't the first time that Michael Taylor has caused a broo-ha-ha on a WTKA call.

What was the previous thing he mouthed off about? I can't remember it for the life of me.




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I am trying to think of all the great notre dame dbacks from the weis era . . . . and wasn't it the horrible defense that got charlie canned?  Someone enlighten me.


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It is very hard to provide credible data on position coaches. Some people like him because:

He went to Michigan

He was a pretty good recruiter

He has NFL experience

(and after Brian's post) He is black and not very old



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There is a LinkedIn group of former letterwinners and MT has been going OFF for a couple months now.  He's certainly spoken his mind and and made his opinion very well know . 

However, I have ONE major issue with something that was said early in this thread....

"He said he (MT) had been on the phone all day with former letter winners and all were PISSED OFF!"

Obviously I can't comment on the people Michael spoke to on the phone, but to hint that ALL former letterwinners were pissed off is misleading.


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I wrote that, paraphrasing a few hours after having listened in the car.

He intimated that he had spoken with a number of former letter winners, presumably his contemporaries.

Having listened to the podcast, a more honest take would be:

He said the lack of return call was an outrage, a disservice that he was not going to stand for, nor would a lot of  letterman he talked to on the phone all day long who are very upset

How much of that is MT exaggerating to make a point vs. what is really was?  We'll never know.

Thanks for the call out for clarification, not all were and I'm sure many are/will be happy with a Mallory hire.  


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What has he been bitching about? The treatment of Rich Rod?
<br>Considering Leach went from storied former player to kind of a doofus in a lot of people's eyes after shooting off his mouth, maybe it's time for them to realize they're hurting themselves more than helping anything by saying whatever they think. It didn't help Leach's image, it's hurt Braylon's, and isn't doing wonders for Michael Taylor's either.


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Corwin's DB work at Notre Dame:

In 2007, opponents gained 1939 yards through the air against Notre Dame.  19 TDs, 11 Ints.

In 2008, opponents gained 2544 yards though the air against Notre Dame.  15 TDs, 14 Ints.

In 2009, opponents gained 2730 yards through the air against Notre Dame.  17 TDs, 12 Ints.

Which means, rankings wise, Notre Dame went from being the #3 pass defense in terms of yardage (in a year they went 3-9, wha?) to the #27 pass defense, to being right above Ball State and Florida Atlantic in 2009, with the #76 pass defense.  Michigan was 66th in pass yardage defense in 2009.


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The worst part of the Taylor podcast is that old jackass Ron in Ann Arbor calling up and saying "I'm sick of it" regarding the cattiness in the program.

This motherfucker never said a WORD about people publicly griping about Rich Rod. If a former letterman called up to bitch about RR, DeFran would have sat there and gone "mmmmm hmm" throughout the rant.


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that I think they are doing more harm than good. Some of them are representing their own narrow self-interests to the detriment of the program, the university and the team. I also suspect that for every one that shoots his mouth off, there are a dozen with an opposing view who don't air it publicly.


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lesbian woman who is trapped in a man's former body that is relegated to a wheelchair due to severe autism and who must coach via Skype from outside the country because he/she has just been deported for being an illegal alien.

Note: the above does not change the requirement that he/she also must have either coached or played for Michigan in the past and LC must give his approval by publicly declaring the hire tremendous.


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Unless there is any evidence that he was passed over due to the color of the skin, then this is nothing more than sour grapes. People need to get over themselves.