Michael Taylor on WTKA regarding Corwin Brown being blown off by Hoke/Brandon

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Uh oh...anyone else hear MT go atomic on the current regime for not answering Cornflakes' request for the DB job?




Podcast in 3 parts under Big Show, labeled Michael Taylor 1, 2 and 3.


Honeymoon of a united Michigan showing cracks?  


I'm sad.



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Silly me, I thought sports was all about hiring the best coaches, recruiting the best players, getting them to play as a team, and winning....Little did I know that  the race, color, hair status, religion, or whatever mattered to anyone in sports beyond WINNING...which we sure could use some big time around this football program after the past few years!


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Are you up to date on the University's admissions and hiring policies? 

If you don't think race should be or is an issue in any place of employment I don't know where you've been living for the last 30 years.  It is and should be very much a concern for the athletic department.  I will leave it at that because I don't see this going anywhere beneficial.


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There no way in the world they couldn't find more than one AA coach to fill the vacant coaching positions. I love Michigan , but if I'm an opposing coach I would use that to negative recruit against them. I'm AA and if an opposing coach pointed that out to my mother it would have definitely been a huge strike against Michigan in my mothers eyes.


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Fred would say:

"I don't care about the color of a man's skin...it's about the colour of his soul and that, friends, needs to be maize and blue. Indeed, not yellow and blue, not off white and blue, not black and blue but maize and blue.

Maize and Blue.

It's not about outward appearances, not about race or creed or culture...no my friends it's about what's inside a man. A great man named Desmond Howard, a veritable saint of a man indeed, once stated "you have to look beyond statistics...statistics can be skewed". Friends, he is correct in that regard. As a black man on this mostly white and middle aged staff I am perhaps under represented when it comes to my fellow African Americans; however, when it comes to the maize and blue in my soul I feel a kinship with all of the coaches, the administrators and most especially the future's greatest running back of all time and certain NFL Hall of Famer Mr. Justice Hayes."


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How about that?  BH is obviously going with the coaches willing to come with him from SDSU and Mattison was a no-brainer.  So that's going to limit the number of positions available for anyone, regardless of race.

I thought Corn flakes was another no-brainer but I guess I was wrong.



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Where was the outrage when Hoke was hired instead of a black coach? As far as we know, no black candidates were even interviewed. Not one peep about that.

Why? The people who are complaining that Corwin Brown wasn't hired are part of the same cabal that have been pushing since day one to get RR (you know, the latino guy) fired and a "Michigan Man" hired. They just assumed, as part of the LC Mafia, Hoke would hire Corwin Brown. They are totally shocked that he didn't and, like clockwork, have pulled out the race card.

This is not about race. It is about a bunch of whiny former players and/or alums who are throwing a tantrum because, once again, they did not get what they want. Waaaaahhhh!!!!


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So I don't know what was said.  I'm just saying that neither number is great, so RR is no saint when it comes to this issue. 

You get the best person for the job and if this guy is truly better than Corwin, then fine.  It seems like if BH would have used the same criteria to hire a secondary coach that DB used to find a head coach, then Corwin would've been a no-brainer. 

El Jeffe

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Bruce Tall, Calvin Magee, Tony Dews, Fred Jackson, and Chris Singletary would like a word with you about your arithmetic skills.

FTR, I believe it is good for coaching staffs to make a good faith effort to diversify their staffs, especially when the university is making shitloads of money on the backs of disproportionately black athletes. It's like, paying it forward, you know?

Having said that, there is no possible way for us (or MT) to know what really happened, so unless Corwin Brown and Brady have a televised beer summit, MT should STFU.

Winged Helmet Fan

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I don't understand all the venom and anger by so many who have clearly never coached a fucking down of football. Coaching even younger kids(which I do) is an effort done in concert with those you gel and communicate with best. Communication, trust and mindset form the basis of success (not skin color). Hoke or any other coach needs to find the people he feels best with to win at this level. Peroid. If you don't get that, get your asses out there and fucking coach some football! THEN come tell us how someone at that level needs certain percentages of minorites on his staff, and he BETTER win 10 games AND compete for a national title every 3 years or else!

Clearly, RR never had that defensive coaching relationship at Michigan. Look at the results. If you live in a world where your forced into decisions, good luck. It will be very difficult to succeed that way.




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He said Corwin has an outstanding resume (true) and listed it.  He said Corwin contacted U of M to volunteer to go back to being a position coach to join the new regime...and that he never even heard back.  He said he (MT) had been on the phone all day with former letter winners and all were PISSED OFF!  Really ugly, really sad.  I agree with MT completely yet totally disagree with him taking this issue to a talk show on the radio instead of driving to the Football Building and banging on someone's door.


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I like Coach Hoke, but I don't understand not at least talking to Cornflakes.  There has to be something else going on.  Didn't he coach with GM at ND. 

Edit : Sorry, I checked Wikipedia and they never coached together at ND.


February 3rd, 2011 at 6:49 PM ^

Have to say, but has an on-air meltdown/hissy fit about what they are saying. Apparently white letterman don't count to him (even if they've previously worked with these coaches before). Might be time for MT to go the way of Ricky Leach and just keep it mouth shut rather than remove all doubt, if you know what I'm saying.


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Mike Taylor needs to sort this stuff out behind closed doors.  He came off poorly in my opinion even though I generally really like the guy.

I wonder if he knew at the time of the call that another former player was hired?


February 3rd, 2011 at 8:50 PM ^

I'm p/od as well. Hoke has to see everyone on the coaching staff looks just like him, but only one of the coaching staff look like most of the players. I think Hoke dropped the ball by not getting at least one more AA on his staff. I'm not saying hire someone just because they're black, but I'm not really happy about the fact that Hoke has ignored this issue. If you're not AA you might not understand where the concern is coming from. This does not look good on Hoke at all!


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Fred Jackson is probably 60 years old. Montgomery is so light you can't tell what color his is and the fact that you negged me tells me you have no sensitivty of the struggles of the AA male. I'm not talking bad and UM I never have and I never will. I'm just saying this stinks . Brian even said it himself a week or 2 ago.  Take race out of the equation for a minute and compare the resumes of the 2 canidates. I don't care if they hired C Brown or not, but I would have liked to see more diverisity on the coaching staff. There's nothing wrong with me saying that. If one of the players needs a young AA mentor to talk to who do they turn to? 


February 3rd, 2011 at 10:53 PM ^

Are you serious? Am I the only one who sees this to be a blatantly racist comment? Let me just disregard Fred Jackson as a black male because he’s old. Clearly, when he moved up the ranks without a Rooney rule it was cake. Oh and Montgomery... when black people have lighter skin they face no hardships. Racism is only for the darker AA males glad we cleared this up.

People need to stop this nonsense there’s always someone looking to complain. Continue the Hokemania!


February 3rd, 2011 at 11:04 PM ^

Your premise is that this staff is not diverse enough.  Ok, set aside for the moment that many do not believe that race / diversity should be a factor and just want the best coach for the job.

But, as many have pointed out, there are two black coaches on the staff.  Don't let the fact get in your way, so start the spin:

1.  Fred Jackson is like 60.

Ah, I forgot that at 60, all black men become white.  They lose their status as black.  Thanks for pointing that out.

2.  Montgomery is light skinned.

Got us, again.  Dude isn't even black.  He is a plain old white guy who Hoke told to sit in a tanning bed to try to pass for black.  I hope that my sarcasm meter is just off, because if you said that seriously, you are one of the stupidest, most racist individuals I have met.  Basically discounting Montgomery's race because he doesn't fit your pre-determined stereotype of a black man - really classy.