Michael Phelps - Michigan Man?

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Phelps lived in A2 from roughly 2004-2008, swimming under Bob Bowman and serving as a volunteer assistant coach.  He also took classes at Michigan, although he did not pursue a degree.  I did a search to see if this had already been adjudicated by the board, but did not find anything.  So I ask you, when Michael Phelps won his 20th, 21st, and 22nd gold, is he adding to UM's storied sports history?


East German Judge

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LoL - If you believe that, I have some swampland I know you would like.  

I know that was the "official" explanation, but a) listen carfeully and if someone had those audio issues they would speak coherently and pause, and b) she gave commentment addresses all the time at the big house and did not sound like Joe Namath "struggling" to speak.


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Anyone else for erecting a statue in our Nation's Capitol in his honor? A large gold statue so that people never forget the greatest ever Olympian was not Leonidas of Rhodes, but Michael Phelps of America..

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...he could be considered an alumnus if that's your criteria.  I could never remember if Jeter took any classes before he started with the Yankees.

Only reason I knew about this is because Howard University claimed Puffy/Diddy/Sean Combs as an alumnus, even though he dropped out.  He came back to Howard for homecoming while my wife was still in undergrad and they broke down what it meant to be a "Howard Man".


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The Free Press used to have a section where they tracked Michigan-born players in the minors and MLB.  Jeter's stats were so abysmal his first year, I thought he was crazy for skipping college.  Based on stats alone, I figured he wouldn't last long and would need that degree.  Whoops.

I miss the days of happily reading the Free Press (pre-FREEP days).


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hell yeah...dude has ink and has repped the maize and blue...plus he banged half of the campus while he was here...I met him at my appartment once...nice guy but slightly aloof.