Michael Jordan expected on Michigan's sidelines this season

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OSU can have LeBron because everyone wants to be like Mike.


Per two different sources close to the situation, Michigan is expecting former NBA legend Michael Jordan on the sidelines for one of their home games this season. As of this writing, there is no set date for it to occur, as the details are currently being worked out.



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This is just more evidence that UM cannot stop living in the Past. Jordan was a hot commodity, about 15yrs ago. This is Lebrons world, the kids of today have never seen Jordan even play a game. Nobody Cares.
This is just a failed attempt to be like the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes, worse is that MJ not only isn't from Michigan, he never played for any team in the state. Pretty bad that UM has gone as far as " hiring" old famous guys to walk the sideline. At least get someone from the state, if one exsist


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Michigan would've loved to, with the exception of the logistics issues surrounding getting all the new equipment in a very tight timeframe.  That's why they have the 1-year buffer.

Adidas would NEVER want to let go of a year, even if they didn't have to pay anything.  Michigan is now the most visible name in college sports, due to both the buzz around Harbaugh, as well as the new buzz around Nike/Jordan.  For Adidas, which is clearly getting out of the team/league investments in sports (they've lost multiple college programs, as well as the NBA contract) and focusing more on athletes - look at James Harden as an example, this is free publicity.  They would be fools to walk away.


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Re: Adidas getting out of team/league investments:


They just picked up the NHL jersey contract, starting in '17 I believe.  Which allegedly would open the door for advertisement on jerseys.  Which would allegedly make me vomit uncontrollably every time I saw them.  Advertisements on an original 6 jersey is a crime, and if it happens Bettman should be publicly stoned to death.


...sorry about the off-tangent rant.


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There's something to this though. I've heard there is a 1-2 delay between the sound made and how quickly it get's to the speakers, anyone who has sat right next to the band when they play can likely attest to this. From what I've heard MSC was not anticipating this delay and that's why it sounded so weird.

East German Judge

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Do you honestly believe that bullshit, just a few months prior she was in the Big House presiding over the commencement and speaking with absolutely no problem.  Listen carefully, none of her speech is normal. 

You may now return to go looking for Big Foot, Loch Ness monster, and Santa Claus, don't worry as I found Godzilla.


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Fair point, the idea about her giving commencement addresses didn't occur to me. Funnily enough, that's what a fellow student in a class told me, after she had interviewed Dave Brandon (to complete an assignment for this class) and asked him specifically about it. Up until now I had no reason to doubt it, I guess my opinion of MSC has just changed. 


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thats complete BS... I was forced err asked to announce a middle school football game. If you have even half a brain, you simply drown out the lag and focus on what you are saying...she was flat out drunk as shit and had no idea she would have to speak at halftime....perhaps the lag affected her, but merely because her drunk ass brain couldnt comprehend what was happening...