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Still, the plan was almost sabotaged by the referees, who were completely stunned by the fact that Ferns hadn't actually scored. As reported by USA Today, two referees actually signaled that Ferns had scored a touchdown before one of his teammates came rushing in to argue that his team had not actually scored, a surreal twist on the usual officiating protestations put forth by high school players and coaches.


Rather be on BA

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Other things to make the front page of Yahoo today: Giant swordfish eye that washed up on shore somewhere; How to make rainbow waffles; Rob and Kristen's cozy night out; How to screw up your office romance.  

I love the story and Ferns seems like a great kid, I just hate Yahoo with a passion.   They are pathetic in everything other than fantasy football leagues (albeit their analysis is god awful), and they seem to have some good investigative sports reporters.  Yahoo needs to keep their filthy hands off of this great story! /s (?)


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Ferns will fit in perfectly with the Michigan family. Speaking of family, did anyone read what Denzel Ward had to say about his convo with Hoke that was posted on Tremendous?

For those that haven't seen it.

"I talked with Coach Hoke too. He told me the team is a true family and that from the first day of my commitment Michigan will be loyal to you from that day forward". 

That is the Michigan Difference!


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Don't have enough points to make a topic…;

Co host of common man and torq in columbus tweeted he wished Desmond Howard would die so he could watch gameday again, and is now suspended. Kirk Herbstreit complained and got him suspended. This guy is a total homer, and it is shocking it took this long for him to get suspended. After all this is just football, what a classless asshole.