Michael Ferns is a class act

Submitted by rmic2 on October 10th, 2012 at 1:01 PM

Last week in the St. Clairsville HS football game, No. 10 Michael Ferns took off on a 52 yard run and intentionally ran out of bounds at the 1 yard line. He did this so another player on his team could score the touchdown.

Logan Thompson just lost his father during the week. So he was brought on to take the one yard plunge through a huge hole to the end zone to score in his father's memory.

This has to be one of the most unselfish acts I can ever recall in high school sports.

Kudos to Ferns for being a good teammate. Kudos to Hoke and company for recruiting true future Michigan Men.



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U of IL in 2009.  shudder.  I was at that game and died inside that day.


Kudos to Ferns though, that was a classy move.  Even more kudos to his HS coach if that was something he told him to do before the game if he had the opportunity.  And kudos to Hoke for recruiting Ferns.  Kudos all around!


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Class act and an all around good kid it sounds like. Sad to hear that his teammate lost his dad. I'm dreading the day when it happens to me. Knowing my grandpa is gone and my mother no longer has her father makes me think how hard it is to lose a parent. I can't wait to see him on the field in college. He's one of the few good humans in this world.


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Since we actually beat Ohio last year, it may be time to stop using the vacated OSU win to extend what is a pretty troll-tastic stat in the first place.  We didn't like it when MSU harped on the 1,800 day (or whatever it was) streak in basketball (still remember Brian's post after we took them down in 2011 with the contingent of MSU painted numbers on bare chest douchebags crying).  We didn't like it when the Columbus Dispatch displayed an 8 year counter on a prominent corner of its webpage.   

But to the main point, I saw OSU curb stomp Michigan in 2010, and it is still a loss in Michigan's record book.  It's really quite sad to use that in any effort to promote Michigan's successes.   



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Isn' t that kind of what Roy Roundtree did against Illinois a few years back...let himself get tackled at the one. Didn't work out so well.

Was Fern's team up by a lot when he went out of bounds?


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very impressive act in a self absorbed society where every gifted athlete wants nothing more than to "showcase their skills" on the field but not their character.

oc michigan fan

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That's a fantasy owner's nightmare. Kidding.


Awesome act of class and sportsmanship. It can't ever be a good time to say goodbye to your dad, but it's gotta be very tough dealing with that while in high school. Sorry to hear that.


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Wow, this guy will be a great addition to Michigan football. Would have been kind of awkard if the guy didnt score on the next play or two, though. 


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When you find it hard to use other words beyond tradition, history, passion etc about why we love this team so much, examples like these are perfect. This is the stuff that makes me root for a guy like kovacs more then BWC. Love big will but damn work ethic thats been there from day one with jordan is what Umich football means to me.