Michael Ferns and #Project135

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The speculation is over as Micheal Ferns has revealed the news everyone was speculating about yesterday. It may have been blown out of proportion by unrealistic expectations but still a pretty cool idea IMO.

The colors look a little off because of my camera, trust me when they’re right on #Project135pic.twitter.com/XqTbunVh

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but ever since (I'm guessing) Shane Morris started recruiting people heavily, I feel like all of our commits have been recruiting way more than I ever remember anyone doing before Shane. It's almost an expectation now amongst commits.


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Ricardo Miller did a bunch of recruiting also. Outside parties-espn and rivals and such-didn't take as much notice of it because he wasn't as highly ranked as Shane. However, I do think you are quite right that Shane raised the bar as to how much recruiting is done, especially with the proliferation of twitter and all these camps. It seems like each time a recruit recruits-ha-he is taking it up a notch, and I like that.

Perkis-Size Me

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A little blown out of proportion due to expectations from yesterday, but still a great idea. Shane's really started something in terms of going out and actively recruiting kids. Props to Ferns for going out and doing this. I'm sure he's done his HW, but I hope he's going about this the right way. Last thing we need are NCAA violations.


February 15th, 2013 at 8:29 PM ^

A bunch of people might have had delusions of granger and started posting with no idea what was coming. That should hardly have set any expectations. 

Why would you even find it necessary to make your last statement? What is wound so tightly in people that they have to turn over rocks looking for issues that might not exist? 


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No other school can display this kind of dedication and love for their school. Great initiative and this is a welcoming trend the recruiting classes are coming up with on their own. Proud to be Blue, proud to be Michigan.


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I hate rules more than anyone, but here's a consideration. I'm assuming these have to be paid by HIM. If his mom or dad is funding these, wouldn't they be considered boosters? In other words, committed players' parents could funnel gifts to recruits through their son. I, of course, don't think that's the case here. However, that strategy could circumvent the system if left unregulated.


February 15th, 2013 at 8:39 PM ^

I see what you're getting at, but because they're cheap t-shirts, it's probably not going to trip anything.  Technically, the value doesn't matter, but in reality it does.  It's not like Ferns is sending an iPad to every kid when he commits.

As long as it's trinkety like that, I doubt the NCAA bats an eye.  But then again you never know.


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Free GoBlueWolverine article from Sam Webb: Ferns Seeks Top Class w/ Project 135 Campaign

Over the years Michigan has had the great fortune of seeing many of its verbal commitments turn into some of its most valuable recruiting tools.  Fifteen years ago the first member of the Wolverines’ 1998 class, All American quarterback Drew Henson, played a vital role in helping secure the #1 class in the country.  He was instrumental in helping lure the top two receivers in the country (David Terrell andMarquise Walker), the top tailback (Justin Fargas), and host of other blue-chippers.  More recently the first commitment in Michigan’s 2013 class, All American quarterback Shane Morris, proved to be a central figure in helping the Maize & Blue lock down the nation’s second best class.  Both Henson and Morris were effective in communicating to others the attributes that that made Michigan so appealing to them with frequent phone correspondences and occasional campus visits.  The first member of Michigan’s 2014 class is committed to conveying the same message in the same manner, but today he augmented his approach in a way that makes it truly unique.

Decatur Jack

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I refuse to wear yellow (maize). It's Go BLUE.

EDIT: I mean yellow/maize as the dominant color. If you guys say that true fans wear maize, then why don't we just have maize football jerseys? or all-maize unis (like we do in basketball; ugh)? It's because maize as the dominant color sucks, and it's Go Blue or go home. Sorry, that's just my opinion.