Mich vs Wisky Player Participation

Submitted by umbig11 on October 2nd, 2016 at 2:03 PM

Some noticeable absences and one player returns to knock the rust off.

Absent, Bredeson, Furbush, and probably the biggest surprise, Higdon. Mone returns for the stretch run. He is very likely to contribute more against Rutgers. He did not get cleared to play until late Weds/early Thursday depending on who you talk to. McCray and Gedeon went the whole way. Need to do a little digging as to why Furbush did't see the field. Ways and Harris have obviously been passed up by McDoom and Crawford. Watson, filled in where Clark left off.





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I missed this in all that thread, but it explains it pretty clearly, and hopefully the followup goes well. I mean, it must be if he was available if needed, but if he wasn't needed, then no reason to risk anyone needlessly. He's another RB that is fun to watch and hopefully we get to see more Higdon as soon as this upcoming rivalry (so they say....no, really, they as much as say it) game on Saturday.

Gentleman Squirrels

October 2nd, 2016 at 2:08 PM ^

Our linebacker depth is so dangerously thin. Magnus over at TTB noticed that there were no rotation among the linebackers during the Wisconsin game. At some point they will tire out and our backups may not be ready. I hope we can get Bush and Furbush more involved and go after some top linebackers in this class

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Rufus X

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"Wisky" is not a thing. An incredibly annoying Detroit sports media thing is to add '-y' at the end of a name. Some other annoying examples - "Miggy", "trammy", and the worst ever "Kirky Gibby"

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Minnesota fans tend to call them "Sconnie" instead, I have noticed.  Face it, "Wisconsin" is one of those words that just needs a diminutive form.

And the habit of adding the "-ie" to the end of a name is mostly a Canadian thing, I think.  Watch hockey on CBC some time:  Gordon is "Gordie," Douglas is "Dougie," Steven is "Stevie," etc.  Although your comment about Miggy is wrong:  he was Miggy long before he became a Tiger.