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Let's go Blue!  Big Ten championship is in sight.  What a season, last game and we are talking championship.  I love Michigan!



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That teams are figuring out how to guard our balls screens at the top of the key?  Over the past two weeks, the teams Michigan has played have defended that very w.ell, throwing a kink in our offenseive flow (it seemed to have started with Spary if I remember).

Waters Demos

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Izzo said if you can keep Burke out of the lane where he is really dangerous, you shut down him down along with Hardaway (who waits for the kickouts).  So it's a 2-for-1.  And man it really worked.  It seems like since then other teams have adopted the same strategy.  I noticed it in the Purdue game as well.

The thing is that Hardaway's reemergence, as well as possibly Smotrycz, may neutralize that strategy.

Your best bet is to hope Hardaway is over his slump (IMHE).  This game so far suggests he is.