Mich Bball - #1 2015 recruit visiting for Air Force

Submitted by robbyt003 on September 3rd, 2012 at 6:26 PM

I figured everyone needed something to cheer them up.  

Tremendous -

Getting Karl on campus is huge for Michigan. He is the #1 2015 recruit in the country according to every major site and he is rumored to be a Michigan fan. Obviously it's very early, but he is going to be a name to keep a close eye on throughout the recruiting process.

Sam Webb - 

Karl Towns Jr.

Hearing a major bball target tentatively slated to visit #MichiganSaturday. #1 prospect in 2015 - 6-11, 210 lb C Karl Towns (Metuchen, NJ)


Also visiting:

Jae'Sean Tate -  The #46 player in the 2014 class (ESPN) and rising



turd ferguson

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Whoa.  Based on recent experience, I assume this is the recipe for success:

1. Massive rain storm
2. Zack Novak

I'll take care of the rain storm.  Someone else get Novak.


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A lot of people seem to think that having a good football program makes it more difficult to recruit for basketball, but it looks like the Big House is a pretty nice advantage.  It might mean that some kids just take frivilous visits, but at least it gets them on campus.


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I used the Twitter embed code for those. Here's the second one:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Karl Sr. said he will know for sure tomorrow whether or not Karl Jr. will make it. My interview with Towns from May: <a href="http://t.co/ouDCFQkO" title="http://bit.ly/JuWetz">bit.ly/JuWetz</a></p>&mdash; Joe Stapleton (@joe_stapes) <a href="https://twitter.com/joe_stapes/status/242783365953110017" data-datetime="2012-09-04T00:37:19+00:00">September 4, 2012</a></blockquote>

It appears that Twitter assigns GMT to each tweet, and this is then converted to local time when a tweet is displayed properly. Even when I use the embed code and put it in the plain text editor, the tweets don't display the one they're supposed to for some reason, which is evidently why the GMT date was displayed.



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I  wouldn't say it is rare for people to stop growing at 15. I know I was 5'11" at 14 and haven't grown an inch since. The majority of my friends stopped growing at 15 as well (height wise). While its not uncommon to grow until your 18ish, its definitely not rare to stop growing much before that.


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Calipari already has his hooks embedded, and it goes beyond coaching the Dominican team. Always a chance, but...

And how convenient, apparently they offered him this morning...

True Blue Grit

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in early with these talented BBall players.  Getting Towns on campus this fall will be a key to getting our foot in the door.  The fact he is an excellent student, is a big Michigan football fan, and seems to be a good fit with the Beilein system has to give us a solid chance.  2015 is a long way off though, so we'll have to string out our enthusiasm a bit.