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With many close, nailbiting games this season, I couldn't help but notice that I kept doing things to bring Michigan luck... If sitting in a specific spot had gotten a first down earlier, I'd sit there.  If madly clutching a Michigan Helmet once willed Devin Gardner's body over the goal line, I'd hope it did again, and so on and so forth.  I start a gameday t-shirt rotation during the season, only changing after a loss.  It hasn't worked well this year BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!

So I ask you this, MGoBoard, what are your pre-game, in-game, and post-game superstitions and traditions, whether it be in the stadium, or watching the game on TV? What do you lean on to give the team that extra bit of good luck they need? I know there have got to be some pretty crazy things out there... Let's hear them! 



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Always always always ALWAYS predict the Kenpom score.

During football I never washed my student shirt unless Michigan lost (remember 2011 when it downpoured during the WMU game? Yeah that sucked).


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I was really religious in 1997 & 1998. I'm a big fan of Michigan football, the Red Wings, and the Green Bay Packers. They all won at least one championship during those two years. Now I don't even go to church... Maybe there's a connection.


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I just try to not mess with whatever mojo seems to be working. If Michigan is doing well and I am spinning a football from hand to hand, I will continue to do so until the tide turns. And so on and so forth.


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I wear the same Michigan jersey to start the game, but if they aren't doing well I change it to my next favorite jersey. Some games I wear 5-6 jerseys. 


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Two of my daughters,  Spartan grad and Oklahoma State student, and I have been to games together and each time, all three of our teams have won.  The first time this happened was at the Sugar Bowl two years ago: Michigan State, Oklahoma State, and Michigan all won, and all won in overtime.  This year we went to the MSU-Nebraska game together.  MSU won, Michigan beat Nortwestern, and OSU beat whatever team they were playing. Now we're all going to the Cotton Bowl, so OSU will beat Mizzou, MSU will beat Stanford, and Michigan will beat KSU. It probably won't be pretty, it might even be in overtime, but I don't know a better way of ensuring a Michigan win than the three of us attending one of our team's games together.


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That doesn't work.

I also don't wear much red or bright green in the fall.

I also tend to watch TV games while doing something active - treadmill, bike trainer, weights, or do a hard workout ahead of the games. Whether that works or not, it calms me down to watch the rest of the broadcast. The dogs appreciate that.


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My mother has a far more interesting superstition than I do - she has, since 1995, worn or somehow donned the same Michigan shirt regardless of actually being at the game or watching it on television. As for me, during the rare times when I cannot be at the game or follow it on media, I will not listen to or view anything which might reveal information about the game until I see it for myself (on DVR mainly, in such cases). Typically, we do well if I am away and do not see the game until later. 


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When playing I have routines that better not be fucked with, none of which involve the power of anything special. Watching, no matter how emotionally attached, I don't do anything weird. Give me a good time pregame and decent conditions for watching and I'm good.

Wolverine Devotee

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I think it's bad luck to give out all of your superstitions/rituals, so here is a short list of mine-

For football when I'm not going to games-

Before the season, I plan out what I will wear for games and type it onto the notepad on my phone. Everything from the hat down to the socks. Always the same pair of silk boxers.

At 11:55pm on Friday night before the game, I play The Victors on my phone into my earbuds while I get my gameday wear out and set it on my Michigan football rug that is infront of my TV. I always put my cross on the heart of the jersey/polo.

At exactly midnight, I post the same Facebook status for every game basically. "Beat (insert opposing school)! Go Blue!!"

Then, I go brush teeth and etc, get a glass of water in the same plastic Michigan cup for every game with a certain amount of ice cubes depending on what # of win in a streak we are going for against an opponent the next day. I go upstairs and pray for the next day & then I go to bed and set my alarm clock for 8:48am.

On gameday, I eat nothing except cheezits and drink water before the game. Unless it is a night game, and then I order Chicken Shack.

Sunday morning, I always wear my gray Bo Schembechler t-shirt I bought in 2007 (medium that still fits me, amazingly). If Michigan wins, I update my book of information on Sunday. If the alternative to a win happens, I do it after the game to get it over with.

On Monday, I always wear my season t-shirt when I get home and watch Inside Michigan Football. The volume of the TV is set to 42 during the show intro for the number of B1G Championships Michigan has won. Immediately after the show ends, I flip to the channel that the game on Saturday will be on.

Keep in mind, I did leave things out above.


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My younger brother is not naturally a sports fan, but my passion for Michigan spread to him at a young age. He's the person I most often watch/attend games with. So, naturally, I blame everything on my younger brother. If Michigan wins, he's a good luck charm. If Michigan loses, it's all his fault. That has to be some sort of psychological complex on my part.


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Michigan football games -  I go to my buddies house which I'm ironically 4-0 this year.   The last two years I wore the same blue sugar bowl Michigan t shirt with jeans.  But this season I switch it up with different things.   Lately been weaing my blue Michigan polo golf shirt.   I usually go through about 5-6 bottle waters a game calm the nerves.   I don't eat before big games either. 

Bando Calrissian

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I don't really have anything, but my mom always has to be reading during the game, or else the team starts to tank. After 35 years, most of it spent sitting around the same people, it's now a codified thing. If something bad happens and someone notices my mom doesn't have her book out, that gets changed real quick. 


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From the common lucky clothing item to drinking a beer before I ate anything on gameday to only sitting on my bed and watching the games. Then I realized that we lost no matter what I did so I stopped...


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Once, back in 1984, while attending a Michigan vs MSU game, our boys and especially our QB at the time starting for his first year (Jim Harbaugh) were not playing very well on offense.   So, I casually mentioned to my buddy and roomate at the time, that I wish Harbaugh would get dinged up because he is not playing well and I would like to see if our back-up QB would be better (Chris Zurbrugg).  On the very next play, Harbaugh got his arm broke, and we wound up with Bo's worst season going 6-6.  Therefore, I am not allowed to criticize or comment or make any statements regarding Michigan QB's during games whether in attendance or watching on tv!  There's my superstition after destroying our 1984 season!


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When I was younger, I was quite superstitious; my brother even more so. I was sure the Fab 5 lost a game because I had a bad cold. We had our address number above the garage and my brother would touch the 5 anytime he would leave the house. Plenty more too

Boom Goes the …

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and we won in the semi finals.  Got home and I realized I had forgotten underwear for the game.  So I didn't wear underwear the whole week of the championship game. Won again.  A new tradition is born

Red is Blue

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Always wear my M hat when they are playing, but not really a superstition. I wear it so I can toss it in frustration if things good bad. The hat had a rough autumn.


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but I always remember one of my dad's superstitions, during particularly necessary parts of the game he would hold his thumbs for good in tuck each thumb under that hand's fingers.  I'm not sure why, but it usually seemed to work.


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As bad as UM was at times this year they finished with the same record as the previous year. But, this year they had a +10 turnover margin in B1G play, and they had more than twice as many interceptions on the year as the previous year.  I know the schedule was harder last year.  But, what happens to the W/L record if the turnover margin gets a little closer to even? Do they need turnovers to win?  Are they good enough to win without them?  Because to some degree turnovers seem somewhat like luck, not always but to some degree.