MGoStreaming Discord server for stream of game later tonight

Submitted by MGoArchive on March 15th, 2018 at 1:21 PM

Greetings! The streaming thread from a few weeks ago has turned out to be a great success. I think we have somewhere on the order of 60 people that have been verified on the Discord server and have access to the stream. A few annoucements for those who haven't stopped by the Discord server lately - 

1) We created the Discord server to authenticate users and create a 'trusted user' list. URLs can be shut down across the streaming service, but authentication takes time. People who have authenticated have their account on the Discord server elevated to a 'trusted user' list. When the stream URL changes, we message users in that list with the new URL.

2) A new computer was acquired to facilitate a fast/smooth stream. The stream is full 720p HD / 60fps. You can hook your laptop up to your TV and you're basically getting a full HD stream.

3) There's a donation link in the Discord channel topic. $375 was spent on getting new parts for the streaming computer, I want people to have the best experience with this - Leaders and Best.

4) There is a new streaming URL. People who have joined the Discord server in the past should use the same login - you should appear in the trusted user list. There's a few of you who I gave the stream URL to but logged out before I could add your name to the trusted user list; don't worry, we'll get authenticated again and send the new URL.

5) MGoBoard people who haven't joined previously are obviously welcomed to join. Watch the YouTube video in 6 and use the URL in 7 to join the Discord server.

6) To people who are wondering what all of this is about and just want to watch the game, check out this YouTube video -

It gives an overview of what happens when you click the Discord server URL below, and what you need to do to be put on the trusted user list.

7) URL to join the Discord server -

Thanks and Go Blue!



March 15th, 2018 at 9:00 PM ^

where did you all get those digits from?

i'm in there as a new user, verified email, etc., but there's no authentication channel on the left sidebar and i don't have permission to post in that channel.

is there audio or instructions for that video?  i can't make out what it's showing either.