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Given that it is Little Brother week, I thought I'd post this poem I found a few months ago...  Written by Robert William Service in a volume called "Rhymes for My Rags" published in 1956.   FWIW he was known as "the Bard of the Yukon", which is a kick-ass nickname, if you ask me.  

Not that great, as poetry goes, but it does give us the line "Brother mine, beware, beware.../Evil looms the wrath to come!"  in some way predicting what Jake Ryan will be doing to LeVeon Bell.  So there's that...  Go Blue

Little Brother by Robert William Service

Wars have been and wars will be
Till the human race is run;
Battles red by land and sea,
Never peace beneath the sun.
I am old and little care;
I'll be cold, my lips be dumb:
Brother mine, beware, beware . . .
Evil looms the wrath to come.

Eastern skies are dark with strife,
Western lands are stark with fear;
Rumours of world-war are rife,
Armageddon draweth near.
If your carcass you would save,
Hear, oh hear, the dreadful drum!
Fly to forest, cower in cave . . .
Brother, heed the wrath to come!

Brother, you were born too late;
Human life is but a breath.
Men delve deep, where darkly wait
Sinister the seeds of death,
There's no moment to delay;
Sorrowing the stars are blind.
Little Brother, how I pray
You may sanctuary find.
Peoples of the world succumb . . .
Fly, poor fools, the WRATH TO COME!



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That was fine, and all, but here is mine - set to Haiku per MGoBlog tradition:

I will so enjoy

Watching us put little bro

Right back in his place


Alternative poem:

Denard runs for 6

Ryan with another sack

Big Michigan win.