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Can you smell it?




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So jealous. Buddy Guy's guitar doesn't appeal to me visually, but damn he can rock it (and his signature wah is the best crybaby on the market). And Jeff Beck is the only guy who uses the strat whammy so much without it going out of tune.

Amazing musicians, both. You're going to get a strat-ucation!


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Yep they help, and maybe that's enough for the way he plays. But there are definitely deficiencies on the bridge side as well.

A good setup can make a world of difference on a strat trem. And he has a tech backstage doing nothing but setting up his guitars to work properly. Must be nice


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The upside is that I have the day off. 

The downside is that I have the day off because of the numerous preparations that still need to be made for the dual birthday party for my kids (their birthdays are five weeks apart, so we hold one big party in the middle), so I'll be at Meijer and about a dozen other places today. 

Then, of course, tomorrow I have to cough up money for a lot of pizza that I technically shouldn't be eating on this low-sodium diet they still would rather I adhere to. 

Then there's hauling everyone to the Metropark pool....

Why did I take this day off now? It seems like work.


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It's the kind of day that is a pain in the neck at the time, and you miss more than you expected when the kids go off to college.  Your children are a Nature provided excuse to go see animated movies and have fun at water parks without looking like a perv.

The Mad Hatter

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We're going through a corporate "restructuring", also known as mass firings, and while my job is safe for now they're changing my management structure.

I have the best boss I've ever had, and now I have to report to someone (newly hired) that I've never met.  And they might be moving my office.

I quit drinking a few months ago to lose some weight, but I'm pretty sure I'll be drunk by 2pm today.

The Mad Hatter

July 29th, 2016 at 7:57 AM ^

But they're usually just moving the chess pieces around the board and I've been lucky to avoid any major changes over the past decade.

This time is different.  The shareholders are pissed off that we're not making more money (and they should be, our CEO is a dickbag that should have retired 5 years ago), so they're doing some serious cost cutting.

I missed out on a promotion last year, and while I was pissed at the time, I'm glad I didn't get it now.  Those guys are fucked.


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I would look for something more stable not sure what you've got invested in that job.  I went through the layoff process in 2009 and turned my back on large corporations forever because of it.

After taking the blue pill I've found corporate koolaid doesn't taste good and I hate how the C** offices view people as cordwood.


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Not great, but my birthday was on Tuesday. I got a great new pair of OluKai shoes, and my trip to Peoria went smoothly.

I have fairly low expectations, I suppose.


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tomorrow for the International Cup match. Its not real football, but getting into AA and being in the Big House is better than staying home and reading about football Saturday. Hoping to see some UM greats that are rumored to be in town for the Nike gear unveiling. I'm pumped!

The Mad Hatter

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Here's some classic Scarlett.

Scarlett is a peach. Like when you eat a peach that is so ripe you can push your thumb through the skin. The juice runs down your chin and drips onto your chest, and the place in between your fingers gets so sticky you have trouble separating them.

The next day, even after you wash your hands, you can still smell the sweet juice on your skin and, if no one is watching, you lick your fingers and the memory of that sweet fruit on your tongue floods back.  Scarlett is like that.

The Mad Hatter

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Shave and get a haircut.  Most banks want their customer facing employees to look as clean-cut as possible.  Wear your best suit and shine your shoes.

Personal Banker is all about relationships, especially with wealthy clients, so if you're a good talker/bullshitter that will go a long way.  Try not to be too stiff.