MGoPhotographer Captures Resting Places of Bo, Yost & Ufer

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I'm not sure if this topic counts as off topic or not, so I marked it as such.

Anyways, I don't know how many times I have passed Forest Hill Cemetary meaning to take pictures of it.  I finally did it tonight.  I had a pretty good idea that Bo and Ufer were buried there but I didn't know about Yost.  So here are some pics. 

And the graves of Bo, Yost and Ufer. 



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For some reason, I would tend to agree with you.  I like old graveyards but I guess it's a little different when I'm dealing with people I don't know about over people I do.  In the end, I decided what the heck.

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Frankly, if I found myself in that cemetery, I'd think it fitting and proper to pay my respects by visiting the aforementioned graves, out of reverence and respect. I find it somewhat odd that people seem to think it's weird to take a photograph of the graves. Famous graves are photographed commonly, no? Jim Morrison springs to mind.


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What kind of hairstyle was Yost sporting back then? I mean, my word...that's the opposite of a mullet. Party in the front, business in the back...

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Bo's gravestone is shaped that way to symbolize the fractured state of M's football program after his death.  Consider it his curse.

Now, if he had chosen a good classically symmetric gravestone flanked by doric columns then the stability of the program would have literally been set in stone.  We would have had winning seasons & bowl game until infinity.  Instead we are now cursed with relentless failure.


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I've seen Bo's gravestone from the sidewalk while walking down Geddes before on the way to Oxford, but I hadn't seen the others. Thanks for the pics!


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According to this book, she is burried in Forest Hills:

There was a memorial golf tournament in her name to raise money for adrenal cancer research at UM  for many years.  DJ if it is still up and running. 



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Was expecting some story about capturing the skulls of all the Mouseketeers for a reunion.  Somewhat disappointed but still a cool story.  Thanks!


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1812 Overture:  Probably your best bet would be a Pops concert of some sort, it's generally used to raise $$.  The Ring:  Check out the Metropolitan Opera, they almost always do some Wagner every year.  There used to be a festival in Germany where they would perform the complete Ring cycle every summer at Wagner's custom-built theatre.  The works are staples of the opera repertoire; plenty of places perform the works regularly.  Beethoven 9:  I'd recommend the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, but unfortunately they're going under.  Check out the University Musical Society and regional orchestras in the area to see the next time they'll perform the piece.  Chicago Symphony Orchestra would be cool if you can make it out there.  Lansing Symphony Orchestra is cool because they have an all-UM clarinet section.  UM students actually beat out MSU faculty for the Principal and Second Clarinet positions at their audition last year.  It was a great day for Michigan clarinets.


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The players have been on strike for months and the union's request for binding arbitration was rejected by management.  The cream of the DSO has already started taking other orchestra jobs or snatching up teaching positions around the country.  It's sad, but the amazing thing is that the DSO managed to stay afloat for as long as it did, not that it's finally folding.  Orchestras all over the country are going under or downsizing.  The Columbus Symphony Orchestra is now at best a regional orchestra; the Cleveland Orchestra is still great, and Cincy is still pretty solid.


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Those statues are interesting and beautiful. I used to feel uncomfortable in cemetaries, but as I have been visiting the grave of a friend who passed away several years ago, I now find them to be peaceful.


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There are many of us who are amateur geneologists. Some people think it is creepy to take pictures of graves. I have mapped out my family tree with a live picture along with the grave site. I even post GPS location for those who want to find it.

For me it is a sign of respect and admiration to pay homage to someone while they are resting.


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That sounds pretty interesting and something I never really thought of doing before.  It's something I might want to think about doing while my mom and dad are around because they know where alot of my ancestors are buried.

As person who is interested in history, I should look at more graveyards as I was wandering yesterday I noticed quite a few names that are familiar to the area - Maynard, Hill, Tappan, etc.

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I guess I never really realized that Mr. Ufer was only 61 when he passed on to football's Valhalla.  What a shame.  No offense to Mr. Ufer (or any of his decendents) but he looked much older than that in pictures.  Then again, I think all people looked older than they really were 30-40 years ago.


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The one man I wish I got to meet was Fielding Yost. Just to understand more of where he came from and the great program that he built at Michigan.


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Thats awesome, thanks for sharing!

When I was a kid, we would go to this crazy old cemetary where you couldnt even make out the names or dates on the stone. We would take a piece of paper and use crayons to shade over the paper on the stone and it would come up clear as day. Oldest one I found was something like 1863. Pretty crazy.