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Submitted by Blazefire on May 20th, 2010 at 8:26 AM

I wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone to watch the video, as linked in on the side bar, of Devin Gardner's 23 snaps from the spring game. I was there and saw it live, as well as watching the spring game video several times, but for some reason, seeing chopped out sections of the game that show only one players performance really help better frame what it is you're looking at.

It also brings up a question. Since the QB's were in red, were they not supposed to enter a pile at all? At two points, there's a fumble. After the first one, Gardner chases after it and ends up running it off the sideline. After the second, he kinda stares at it with a deer in headlights look till the defense recovers. Did one of the coaches berate him after putting himself in position for heavy contact on the first one, or did he just have a freshman moment on the second one?

Man, I used to think Gardner maybe had an outside shot at playing time this year... but whoo. All separated out? That was a LOT of freshman mistakes.



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As for not jumping into piles, I'm sure that is what the coaches desired.  Why would they put a red shirt on him to keep him safe and then be upset when he simply protects himself from a potential injury.  I don't see it as a lack of effort at all - just obeying the coaches.  I think/hope. 


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Watch it again.  He was looking the other way and didn't even see the ball on the ground.  It looks like he thought the play was dead.  I didn't see a lot of mistakes, either.  I certainly didn't see a LOT, in caps.  I saw a few, but he looked good for somebody who had only been on campus a few months.  Compare DG now to DRob last fall, for example.  

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BTW, you can comment on now.  And yes, Gardner showed promise but is still raw and prone to mistakes.  I really, really want a redshirt for him to create a 2 year separation between him and Foricer and D-Rob.  I'm burnt out on freshmen QBs.


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He didn't look all that bad to me. His throwing motion gets a little "shot-put-like" at times, but he wasn't horrible. The music bed is excellent. I would add he's better than Pryor now, IMHO.


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The most significant thing I noticed in process of editing these is how much faster the offense is with Denard. The time between snaps is much shorter and even the plays themselves are shorter. Denard had 5 more snaps but his video is only 8 seconds longer even with Roundtree's 97-yard dash and all of the end zone celebrations. Any requests for the Tate every snap audio?


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I would suggest the reason why the time between snaps was shorter with Denard was because he was running with the first team offense. There were a number of time where Tate was yelling at guys, mostly freshment, because they were lined up incorrectly.


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Devin is obviuosly very talented and has the potential to be a great player.  But, him getting a redshirt as a frosh looks to be in the cards.  I love his ability to scramble casually and still move faster then anybody the defense has in the box.


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Don't forget that he was just learning the offense this spring. Most guys his age are still in highschool at this point. Is he ready to start yet? No. But hopefully time with the playbook over the summer and fall camp will get him in that position if we need him. Though I do agree with the earlier posters that he would likely benefit from a redshirt.