MGoHistory Question: Multiple pick sixes?

Submitted by UMfan21 on September 12th, 2017 at 3:36 PM

Does anyone know the last time Michigan defense generated two or more pick 6s in a single game?


My memory is not great, but I am drawing a blank. 


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From the SuperGuide, here is the complete list of multi-INT return TDs going back to when stats became official in 1948.

Date Player Yds. Opponent Result
10/18/1975 Tom Seaborn
Dave Devich
vs Northwestern W 69-0
9/19/1998 William Peterson
Anthony Jordan
vs Eastern Michigan W 59-20
1/1/1999 Ian Gold
James Whitley
#11 Arkansas W 45-31
9/3/2016 Dealno Hill
Channing Stribling
vs Hawaii W 63-3
9/9/2017 Tyree Kinnel
Lavert Hill
vs Cincinnati W 36-14

Surprising there haven't been more. Who knows what those 1925 and 1926 defenses of Yost's did though. There could've been one with 5 pick sixes. 

If I could go back in time, I'd tell people to do official stats when Yost got here. I have a feeling the stats would be so incredibly large that they would never broken in today's game. Willie Heston had 72 TDs in his career. 72! That's 18 TDs per year he was here. 

He could've had 10,000 rushing yards for all we know. 


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That stats aren't available but it would be interesting to know... my guess would be that few teams threw the ball enough to have two pick sixes in a game. For the first few years after the forward pass was legalized in 1906, an incomplete pass resulted in a turnover... and even after that changed, my understanding was that there was a lot of coaches that looked down on the concept and thought it was something dangerous to do. 

That said, if Woody's Buckeyes could throw 6 interceptions playing Michigan back in 1969, maybe the belief that nobody threw the ball the "old days' is a crock.


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Since the OP's question has been answered...

What is the most exciting play in football?  Lots of great choices (Pick-6, kick-off return for touchdown, hail mary or field goal to end the game, etc. 

Personally, I'll go with punt return TD.  They are rare, usually involve extreme athleticism, and are sometimes sprung by huge hits.  Also, UM has some great history with punt return TDs.


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How often has a team won versus a top 25 team despite throwing 2 pick sixes in one game.

From the past 5 games it's 50%-    Loss to OSU (one wasn't a pick 6 it was a pick to the 3 yard line), Win versus Florida.

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