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The 2012 year is upon us, close enough that we feel the moisture of its breath on the back of our necks.  Tomorrow we will face possibly the toughest opponent since our last Rose Bowl.  Time to confess your MGoSins.  We wouldn't want to go to battle with a guilty conscience.  So I want to hear every game you were sure we would lose.  Every dark thought you have had about the Michigan program that turned out to be wrong.  Time to go into the football confessional.

I'll start:

My dad was (and is) a huge Michigan fan.  I grew up going to the fourth quarter of every home game, because as a 3-4 year old, my attention span would not allow for my dad to watch the entire game live.  We lived just blocks from the stadium, and it was his chance to get me into portions of the games for free (which is no longer the case).  I remember that at around age 10, I briefly thought about being a Michigan State fan, if only to rebel against my dad.  Everybody loved Michigan, poor MSU had no love*.  I'm not sure why I didn't stray, but I am deeply glad I did not.

I was irate when Denard Robinson took over for Tate.  Why mess up something good?  I was actually DISAPPOINTED to hear that Denard had a monster spring game during his sophomore year, as I did not think that he was the future of our program.  He is now my all-around favorite Michigan Wolverine of all time.

I was extremely disappointed that our AD flubbed the coaching search a year and a half ago.  There were big names on the table and we settled on some no-name guy with a losing record.  Brady Hoke has done literally everything right since his appointment as our head coach, and I would not trade our coaching staff for any other in the country.

Despite these two huge whiffs, I still have strong opinions on what the football team should look like, based solely on baseless conjecture.  I'm sure that will never stop.



*On a side note, this phenomenon is responsible for a disproportionately large number of Michigan fans in the city of Columbus.



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My MGoConfession:

I don't know what happened.  One minute we were having a good time, talking about the future, how great the state of Texas is, how the Mustangs were untouchable, and the next, my god, there was so much blood.  But when it was all over, there were five prostitutes dead at my feet.  And I got scared, really scared.  I couldn't go back to jail.  At that moment, I looked around desperately for some insight, some hope on how to act.  I needed to get someone, something to take the fall for my heinous offense. 

And what greeted my eyes turned out to be a godsend - a magazine cover adorned with "Craig James, RB, SMU".  He would be my way out, my way to get them off my scent...


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I'll start a rumor it was me!"

Almost thirty years later, I can tell you that it worked. Some people have their suspicions, but a satirical meme started by a college football blog allows me to talk about it openly whenever I need to clear my mind. If only I could get rid of this Mike Leach story...


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My dirty laundry:

While I love Denard, I do secretly yearn for the days of RoboHenne.  I stil tense up whenever we throw a pass longer than 15 yards and honestly I am not all sad to see Morris up on deck and the potential for RoboMorris looming in the future.  Denard amazes me at least five plays a game, he also terrifies me on at least three long passes every game.  A drop in our INT rate and a nice steady post route throwing machine at QB will make me happy.  

I'm grateful for everything Denard did, I'm glad he's a multiyear starter and I want to see him go out with a good record this year and a NFL future.  Still getting consistency back in the passing game will be very welcome.  


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I think about the etc. section of Unverified Voracity posts while I make sweet love to multiple partners without protection.


...And one of those mutiple partners was an OSU grad, and I thought she was a really cool person. 


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Up until my junior year of high school, I was a lifelong Notre Dame fan. I visited ND and went to their camp when Faust was the coach. I hated every second of it. I went directly from South Bend to Ann Arbor for a visit/camp and fell in love. My allegiance has never wavered since.

Michigan '88

Go Blue!


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was his last one.  I wish he had been that liberal with our game plan throughout his tenure.  Although I like(d) Carr, I generally disliked our offensive game plan under him.


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I think the entire stadium's general view on Carr was:

Defense is on the field:  This guy is the man.  Oh wow did Woodley just rip that guy's spine out?  Ouch that had to hurt.  Yay Carr!

Offense is on the field:  We need a coaching shakeup.  My BAC is twice the legal limit and even I know what play we're about to run*.  

At least from 2003 forward, which was when I first got season tickets.  

*Not that hard since you only had to pick between short pass to the TE and run off left tackle.  

Doc Brown

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In my middle school years I rebelled against my family by rooting for a Notre Dame. I found my ways back after my Dad took me to see Charles Woodson dominate MSU.


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I really don't have a subscription to "the vagtastic voyage" website, my wife runs the show at my house. I just like saying it to all of you at Mgoblog to make myself seem like a big man.


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I was an MSU fan when I was little (think like 3) because green was my favorite color. In my defense I switched to Michigan once I was old enough to figure out what was going on on TV, and also that I was too smart to go to State.

Also I thought the Brady Hoke hire was nepotism of the highest order. I still worry that Brandon attributes his success more to his Michigan past than to his legitimate coaching ability. I really fear what happens when Hoke retires without an obvious Michigan Man successor (who else is left?)


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When I was in school (a long, long time ago), my housemates and I had a crush on the drum major, so we found out his name, found his number and called him. We invited him to a party we were having at our house. He came over and proceeded to get sh**-faced and lay on our porch all night.


And that's it.


Nevermind, not a very good story. 


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My Uncle Marv, who was the biggest Michigan fan I have ever met (and still is to this date (RIP)) took me to the Michigan Virginia game. I was 13. He had been taking me to a game a year since I was 5. Yadda, yadda, yadda. We leave UofM UV early. Hear the crowd on the bridge over St. Street. Get in the car in time to hear them pull off the win. Promise each other to NEVER leave another game EVER early.

Also my work shirt is red.


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Honestly, my only confession is that not only did I not go to Michigan and I never lived in the state of Michigan. The only reason I'm a Michigan fan is because I have been since I was 7 and can't remember liking any other team, and I sorta hated Notre Dame since everybody growing up in Chicago worshipped them.