MGoBoard Efforts at Deification of Ryan Mallett

Submitted by lexus larry on February 2nd, 2011 at 9:05 AM

Is there a more tired meme than "Ryan Mallett wuz robbed by RichRod?"

I think it's a close second...

Amusingly, as part of the parsing of the AP interview of RichRod, there was a post of some screed cut and pasted from  Now THERE'S a reliable source of sports news, that would never hire a tool named Michael Rosenberg to write stories praising others for that which he accused RichRod of shaming U-M...

I'd seen the article, but it was here:

And look who wrote it...our old pal Mark Snyder.

I don't know who wrote it first, or who used the quotes.  I didn't see a byline on the story.

While we're at it, shedding tears for Ryan Mallett leaving, why isn't mom bemoaning Bobby Petrino forcing her son out of the NCAA, and into the unknown NFL 2011-12 season?

I've referred to Mallett as Lloyd Carr's Jeff George...let facts tell you whether he had the type of character to stay and win, or cut ties and run.

Making arguments pro-Hoke that he kept DR on hand for the month of January, and is thus better than RichRod, are weak efforts to prop up the hire, since his W-L record can't.  I'd much rather make the statement, at this time, that Ryan Mallett was far less a "Michigan Man" (MOST TIRED MEME!) than Denard Robinson is today.



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Was that one of the first Freep hits on RichRod or just a pathetic attempt by a fading paper to lure readers?  ("FORCED OUT!!!")  We'll never know for sure, Larry, but thanks for posting the link.

What _do_ we know for sure?

* Mallet was an awkward fit for RichRod's offense.

* Still, he would have been, even as a "square peg," many times better than Threetsheridammit.

* He had some rough patches with Lloyd Carr.

* Plenty of people were pi$$ed that a Michigan Man didn't get the job.

Anything else?


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I guarantee Hoke wins more than 3 games in his first season.  The entire rich rod experiment was a complete debacle.  I hope michigan gets willingham tomorrow.  That would be a huge pickup. 


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Long time reader, first time poster: be gentle folks


What peaks my interest is how RR as OC at Tulane had a powerful offense with a non-mobile QB (King).  If RR had dusted off that playbook and showed it to Ryan (or used it with Steven) we might not have experienced the growing pains we did.

Borges and Hoke should be commended for recognizing the talent that they have, being willing to adapt, and selling the future to the kids they have.  RR could / should have done the same.

Like many others on this blog, I agree that RR will have boku success in his next stop - it just stuns me that he tried to make our 2008 QBs in to Pat White rather than Shawn King.


Now let's have a great signing day and build towards a championship.


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is to remind us of just how bad this recruiting class really is...It's signing day and know one cares.....This day used the day that gave us hope for the future, now it's simply a reminder of how bad it has gotten.


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don't expect everyone to agree with you. And since you haven't actually provided any details, nobody is going to argue with you either. They're just going to down vote you for wasting their time and move on. Fortunately for you, the voting system doesn't count comments right now.


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I'll bet Bacon's book will shed a lot of light on this subject when it comes out this fall.  It is pretty hard to shake the feeling that part of it was Rich being stubborn and playing the smartest guy in the room role.  We saw it over and over again, so it could have happened here.  Who knows for sure?

Blue Mind and Heart

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In this case I would suggest that the Mallet end result in transferring was almost a foregone conclusion.  However it was how it happened.  Richrod did not appear to make much of an effort to keep him and almost seemed to show him the door.  Maybe he should have, as Carr too had issues with Mallet.  However when you combine Mallet with Boren and Mitchell and Ciulla, RR seemed to be too quick to install his version of Michigan football over what had been an extremely successful Michigan program.  It was a bad misstep from which RR never recovered.  




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I've seen more "defecation" than "deification" regarding Mallett in the mgocommunity.  It was the MSM who did most of the pot-stirring regarding the Mallett transfer.

From most reports, Lloyd Carr had to practically beg Mallett not to quit the team every time he got homesick.  The coaching change just provided an easy excuse for Mallett to leave.  Mallett himself said he wanted to play closer to home; his transfer really should have been a non-issue.  

I do agree that Snyder is a giant douchebag, though.   


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Guess what?  RR was fired because he did a poor job.  Get over it.

No one has ever said Mallet was a god.  No one ever came close to say.  No one ever said that RR "robbed" Mallet.  Not even close.  People have said that he wasn't able to keep Mallet on the team upon taking over the job.  He might not have worked hard enough to re-recruit him (contrast with Hoke and Denard).  He might not have been able to do anything to convince Mallet (who some thought was gone no matter what).



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This is really dumb. Nobody is deifying Mallett. They're just saying he would have been a lot better than what RR threw out there in 2008. But Mallett didn't fit RR's system. So Mallett went to a school where he fit. And he turned out okay.

Also: freshmen constantly get homesick.