video with Doug Nussmeier touring football facilities

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A little video action of Doug Nussmeier touring the facilities with a couple of player cameos from Gardner, Funchess, Ryan and what looks like Hagerup in Glick Fieldhouse.  Usually Karsch finishes these sort of videos but instead we have Eli Zaret.  Enjoy!



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Most of the articles that I have seen since Gardner's injury came to light, or at least the extent of what it was, have him pegged as fully functional by spring practice, so hopefully that's what turns out to be the case. 

As for the video, the more I see, the more I really do like about Nussmeier and the energy that he seems to have, and I like that he is eager to get started here. With each passing moment, this seems like an excellent move. 


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Care to speculate out loud?  What sense do you get? 

FWIW ... I like Karsch, but I think his voice is a bit harsh for the broadcast booth.  It works well for those short-duration profiles, but 3 hours of it in the booth would be a stretch.

How about Brian Cook?  He sounds very radio-like on the podcasts. :-)



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With Karsch being the sideline/on the field part of the radio broadcast it just seems like he would be the next in line...kinda like a natural progression type deal, however, I am not sure he has any experience calling a game.  It's just what came to mind when Eli showed up at the end of the video. 


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Michigan has not revealed Beckmann’s successor. IMG Sports will make the hire, but Beckmann has a favorite — if he had a say. “I hope they give it to (Doug) Karsch,” Beckmann said of the local radio personality who is sideline reporter for the Michigan radio broadcasts. “He knows the game inside and out. He’s passionate about it. He knows Michigan so well.


So Frank Beckmann publically stated in the article that he wants Karsch to take over for him. Karsch's absence from his regular job is....telling



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That's interesting.  Beckman knows radio, and would know how a voice would carry or not.  We'll see.  Whoever it is, I'll get to listen to it here in Tucson in Sirius radio.  (When games aren't on TV I'll get on the motorcycle and set the satellite radio to Michigan Football and ride all over Arizona listening to the game.)

Rochester Blue

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FWIW, I don't think Bob Ufer had the most supple voice either, but when the voice and the commentary and the flow of the game all come together, you'll feel it fits. Hope to hear whomever it is doing lots of Championship broadcasts.

Section 1

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Makes sense.  This ( these kinds of MGoBlue features) also happens to be an excellent use of Michigan grad Eli Zaret.  I'm a big fan of what Doug Karsch has done; but Eli might acutally be better at these featurettes than Karsch.  Eli Zaret, much more than Karsch, is a pretty accomplished writer and producer.

Mr. Yost

January 11th, 2014 at 9:49 AM ^

I really liked Zaret on this, he has the voice for it and it was smooth and informative.

That said, Karsch was also very good at these, but I wouldn't want to go 3 whole hours. These shorts were perfect for him.

I like them both for these types of features.


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Not quite, 11 points would turn four losses into four ties.  It would take 15 points to convert four loses into four wins.


PSU  40-43          3

Neb   13-17         4

Iowa   21-24        3

OSU   41-42         1



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Different tone than Borges:  it's up the coaches to give the players a platform to succeed.  It just sounds different (and how a coach, especially a COLLEGE coach, is supposed to talk).