MGoBlog Tailgate for OSU, w HomeSure Lending & Wolverine State Brewing & BBQ

Submitted by Seth on November 16th, 2017 at 11:04 AM

TICKETS HERE [meta: thread on a 24-hour sticky]

UPDATE: After feedback we added some options: Kids 9 and under are free, kids/students 10-20 are $6, adults who want just food or just beer it's $9. It'll still be a $10 suggested donation at the door for those who didn't buy a ticket. The cost is offsetting the price of the rental space. Make sure you print and bring your tickets.



MGoBlog and HomeSure Lending are having a tailgate before The Game at The North End Zone tailgate space, 1011 S. Main Street (map) from 9 a.m. to a little before noon, with food from Scratch Barbecue and beer donated from Wolverine State Brewing, and proceeds going to the T. Wall Foundation.

  • Tickets (food & beer included): $12 if you buy them ahead of time on EventBrite gets you in, gets you a wrist band for the food.
  • Tickets (just beer at the door): $10 suggested donation just to come hang out on your way to the game.
  • Watch/Afterparty: Your ticket for the tailgate also gets you a round at Wolverine Brewing. If you don’t have a ticket for The Game but want to come, you won’t be alone; there’s a Lyft pickup spot across the street so when people go into the game a handful of us (I’m still in the market) are gonna go back to Wolverine State Brewing to watch it together, and more are planning to come back there (and park there) after.



The Food: Remember that barbecue we had for Football Eve? Mike Lintz of Scratch Barbecue is going to be testing out some morning-ish recipes on us. Steak and eggs and, well, if you came to the last one you know how good his cornbread is.

The Beer: Wolverine State Brewing is giving us bunch of kegs. Our options which Matt Demorest and I carefully selected last night:

  • Premium Lager. Their specialty
  • Wolverine Dark Lager. My favorite
  • Barista. This is a dark lager that tastes like coffee. Not for everyone but I tried it last night and if you have to drink beer at 9 in the morning it might as well taste like what your body wants you to be drinking.

They’ve also invited us to come hang out there after the game and watch the 3:30s. If you’ve got a ticket from our event the first round’s free.

The Charity: As per our agreement with the space, all proceeds go to the T. Wall Foundation. Locals are mostly familiar with them; the organization takes in hardship letters and then does whatever they can. Sort of like Washtenaw County’s version of Don Brown, except they’re solving problems with money and phone calls and purchases instead of aggression.

The Venue: The North End Zone Tailgating Party, 1011 S Main Street, across the street from Pauline. Remember where we did Marlin Jackson’s tailgate before the 2014 Penn State game? It's next door, same owners but the other building with the nicer backyard and access to inside where it's warm and you can watch GameDay (or soccer--which I'd pull rank and say that's what we're watching but I think the NBC brodcast is ManU this weekend). 


So basically the first house on Main Street north of the stadium on the same side of the stadium. They have a video tour.

I heard this is gonna be on TV? Let us get the confirmation that it’s cool to talk about it, but yes there will be some cameras there for something I had nothing to do with.

The host: So my friend Matt Demorest of HomeSure Lending—whom you know as the guy to talk to if you’re buying or refinancing a home—bought himself a school bus that was already Michigan’d out and now is more so. Then he needed a spot to tailgate with it, and wound up using the driveway of the other house that this charity org owns for this purpose. We’d used the same spot previously for a Marlin tailgate in 2014.

Please thank Matt for putting this whole thing together. He really did the lion’s share of the organizing and bringing everyone together.

The Charge: We are asking a contribution because we have to cover the space and the food and the beer and whatever comes in above that is going to the charity. It’s $12 if you buy your ticket ahead of time, or $10 at the “door” to come and drink our beer. We’re only ordering enough food for the tickets we sell ahead of time so as not to blow a charity’s money on food we throw out.



November 15th, 2017 at 11:13 AM ^

I think I'm going to try to make it to this for my first MgoEvent.

I'm not familiar with EventBrite, when does the pre-sale tickets end and how do I get my wrist band once I pay?



November 21st, 2017 at 11:10 AM ^

Sadly, my daughter picked the wrong school. My family's coming and she'll be wearing scarlet and grey.  

(We started a tradition last year of going to the Game together. I'm sticking with it, but if you guys win all four years, it's going to be not my favorite tradition.)


November 15th, 2017 at 7:17 PM ^

My brother and I will be at the tailgate all the way from Alaska. We both went to Fairbanks (hence the space bear avatar) for school but have been fans of Michigan since the Fab 5 days. Going to our first game at the Big House. Bucketlist item checked. Figured since I check out this site every day for who knows how long, I'd finally sign up and post. Thanks for putting this tailgating experience together. And forever Go Blue!