MGoBlog NCAA 14 Online Dynasty (XBOX 360) : Comment Xbox Username To Join

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USERS: Comment Xbox username, team you want to control to join. SORRY NO TEAMBUILDER. I believe there is a maximum of 12 users in one online dynasty so if there are more than 12 who want to join we can start a second dynasty. PS3 Users also can use this template for a dynasty and I will be willing to help with anything.







Part 1: Choosing a Team


Players must follow these rules when choosing a team:

1. The team must be below a 75 overall

2. The team cannot have more than a 3 star prestige.


4. You must create a new coach, and the starting level will be level 10.


5. Users can request to be put in any conference they want. 


Part 2: Scheduling


  1. Users must schedule three games versus other users each year, if possible.

  2. Users must schedule six home games and six away games, if possible.

  3. Users must schedule games versus top-25 teams using this criteria:


Top 25 Scheduling: Each user must reach 15 points by scheduling versus top 25 teams, which will have a point value based on rank. If their conference matchups give them 20pts they do not have to schedule vs any more top 25 teams.


#1 Overall: 15Pts

#2-5: 10 Pts

#6-10: 7Pts

#11-15: 5Pts

#15-20: 3Pts

#20-25: 2Pts


Part 3: Gameplay


  1. Users are allowed to simulate vs. the CPU, as well as use supersim vs. the CPU.


2. Players may not quit and restart games, unless due to technical reasons. If a situation occurs such as the game crashes you should message the commissioner and restart the game. Be honest!


3. Users who play each other must each agree on a good time to play. Failure to play will result in a simulation of the game.


4. Players are encouraged to play as realistic as possible. For example, players who run cheesy plays the whole game will be considered to get kicked.


Part 4: Sliders


The gameplay sliders that will be used will be J-KITS NCAA 14 Sliders, with a few changes:


  1. User QB Accuracy will be changed to 20.

  2. CPU QB Accuracy will be changed to 10.

  3. User WR Catching will be changed to 10

  4. User RB Ability will be changed to 50.

  5. User/CPU Interceptions will be changed to 50.

  6. User FG Power will be changed to 50

  7. User Punt Power will be changed to 50.


 Part 5: Game Rules


Offense / Defense / User vs. User Difficulty: Heisman

Injuries: On

Fatigue: On

Play Clock: On

Game Speed: Normal

Player Min Speed Threshold: 40

Home Field Advantage Effects: On

Ice The Kicker: On


Part 6: Rosters


The roster that will be used is Dericksun's 2017 NCAA Roster, with a few of my own edits (To UM and a few breakout players).


Part 7: Recruiting:


No restrictions.



Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments as well. We will start depending on whenever everyone is joined and ready. Thanksgiving is coming up and most of us have plans, so the league may not start for a week or so.



November 18th, 2017 at 11:13 PM ^

XBOX Username: Lassassin2025

Team would like to use: can't access team in link, not sure who is eligible. Maybe comment with all teams that fit requirements.

Should either have everyone in the same conference of 12 (6 users in two divisions), and we can remake smaller conference like the Sun Belt or the MAC.

Or have all users in 2 conferences, 6 users in one, 6 users in the other with (3 in each division, 3 CPU teams), and we can pick two top conferences and leave the top 6 CPU programs.

Example: remove the bottom of the SEC and leave Bama, Auburn, LSU, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, and then add the 6 users to make 12 total.

Big 10 Example: remove the bottem and leave Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Michigan State, and then add otehr 6 users to make 12 total.

Should also establish before starting the dynasty that coaches can or cannot leave for new teams. If coaches are allowed to change teams, commissioner can reshuffle conference at end of year to kick previous team out, and new user team gets invited to conference.


November 19th, 2017 at 9:32 AM ^

Air Force
Ball State
Bowling Green
Central Michigan
East Carolina
Eastern Michigan
Fresno State
Georgia State
Kent State
New Mexico
New Mexico State
North Texas
Northern Illinois
Old Dominion
San Diego State
South Alabama
Texas State
UL Monroe

Rutherford Foxtrot

November 19th, 2017 at 8:59 AM ^

It’s been a while since I’ve played, but I think they had instituted some fair play rules for online games where they forced you to punt on 4th down, etc. Or maybe that was Madden...

Great idea btw.


November 19th, 2017 at 12:23 PM ^

I exited out of the dynasty and whenever I try and load back in the game freezes. You have any idea whats going on? Maybe I could retire and transfer commissioner then rejoin.



November 21st, 2017 at 8:12 PM ^

Hello - A friend mentioned you had a possible opening on the MGo Blog NCAA 14 Dynasty. My gamer tag is BlackLion67. Do you still have an opening?