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Looks like bowling didn't go too well


mgoblog @mgoblog 26m

I'm just done with people who are mad at me for reacting how I do to Michigan football. If you don't like it, I don't care

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For years I let people talk shit to me because I felt some sort of duty to them because they'd been around a while.

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That was a mistake. If you are surprised that I am emotional and moody at this point you are too stupid to care about.

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I have taken epic tons of shit for being in a bad mental spot this year; and somehow I managed to feel bad about that.

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No more. I'm done taking shit from internet anons because I'm not happy about losing to OSU 9 of 10 years.

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I don't owe you a damn thing. Read it or don't.

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most people are not reacting like that, but shitheads are louder. this is going to have an effect on MGoBlog.

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Your point total is irrelevant to my decisions. If you're making our lives shitty, you're gone

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This whole season has been 50% nightmare team, 50% nightmare community. I can fix half of that.



December 1st, 2013 at 3:04 AM ^

The point is that both Hoke and Borges have repeatedly expressed their opinion that the spread makes you weak on offense and defense and that you can't be physical or tough out of the spread.

Urban Meyer came in with a bunch of maulers, lined them up in the spread, and beat Michigan's brains in.

They seemed to be fundamentally wrong about what the spread allows a team to do, as well as what a pro-style offense prepares the defense to stop.

Hoke and Borges has been spouting this for a few years now.  Its hardly secret.


December 1st, 2013 at 11:24 AM ^

if it isn't select then provide a better quote.

Also, it may be worth asking why Urban was able to turn Tresselball into a functional spread immediately while we were repeatedly told it would take 3 years to turn our big fatty fattersons into spread players. 


December 1st, 2013 at 11:39 AM ^

I would guess if Urban had the personnel situation with specifically the Threet/Sheridan combination at QB, he probably would have had a lot of trouble in his first two seasons.

But I don't know what the point is.  If you are asking what Urban could have done if this had been his first season as the Michigan head coach, I think somewhere between 10-12 regular season wins.

This team almost certainly has the skill position talent that last years OSU team had.


December 1st, 2013 at 3:17 AM ^

Also coming back to this:

Michigan itself was selected over a couple of other teams higher ranked in the BCS poll.  It was then matched up against VaTech who was even more of a reach.  Then in the game VaTech managed to outgain Michigan 377-184 in what was a brutally poor football game for at least 3 quarters.  Then Michigan wins because a TD gets overturned when it probably shouldn't have.

Maybe it wasn't embarrassing, but it wasn't pretty.


December 1st, 2013 at 3:41 PM ^

Knowing we had a banged up offense we played wet book bend but don't break, letting them get the yards if they had to, but not letting them get TDs. We broke one big plays and got TDs, even if our offense stalled the rest of the time. And our FG kicker made more than theirs...which really shouldn't have made it that close because their 3rd string guy comes in and makes every kick before the last one. If he falters like you'd expect any kicker deep on the bench to, it's never that close. And doesn't come to a debatable but correct call in OT. (And even if they called that TD it just meas we have to score a TD rather than kick the FG).

Michigan Arrogance

December 1st, 2013 at 11:27 AM ^

If anything, we're just as close to 11-1 as we are to 5-7.

that is... wow. I mean, i feel compelled to test the hypothesis that if someone pissed on your back and told you it's rain, that you'd be like, "oh, OK then thanks for the info!"

Close losses:

  • good: OSU
  • BAD: Neb, @IOWA, @PSU

Close wins:

  • good: ????  quality Ws over ND and Minn (i guess)
  • BAD: Akron, @ UCONN, @NW

yes, we are 4 close losses from 11-1. but Neb (w/o half the O starters), Iowa and (talent depleted) PSU are NOT good teams (tho clearly not bod either).

Team 134 is absolutley just as close to 4-7 (3 close wins) and in fact, those close Ws were to TURRIBLY AWFUL CRAPTASTIC teams comprised primarily of 85 guys who combined went 1-7 in the B10, and 12-25 overall in godawful conferences.

This is NOT the same as 2012 when we lost to ND, Bama, and OSU who went a combined 36-2 with one loss coming from one of those 3 vary (very?) teams. Plus a good SC in the bowl and @Neb when denard went down. those losses were understandable- dissappointing that we couldn't squeek out one win in there, but no onw was that upset.

most years I always say you deserve the record you have. just as many close games that fell one way as the other. but M consistently struggled since the ND game, and often against incontrovertably awful teams. we are a 7-5 team that in no way deserves to be anything other more than 7-5.

re: Brian. I think most people don't quite understand his thought process. He forms his opinions of coaches (and everything else it seems) based on evidence. The evidence for Brady Hoke in Jan 2011 didn't say too much in terms of overall record. clearly, he could take a team and turn it around from 4-7 to 9-3 or so in a few years. that Ball state 12-0 start was certainly something (tho no one cites the 2 losses at the end). He clearly had support from the program alums/blue hairs/donors and brough us all under one roof, so to speak. seemed to be able to speak to the M crowd well (Ohio, don't wear red, etc), but those are platitudes at best. In contrast, there was a lot of evidence to suggest that RR could have been successful here back in 2007-8. took a no where WVU program to curbstomping OU in Fiesta Bowls, developed everything on his own (JUST like John Beilein, i might add).  So, he took more stock in the numbers, stats and analysis than the feelingsball bullshit about "fit" and "Michigan man" and "spread is a gimmick." maybe he, along with amny of the rest of us, underestimated the "fit/MichMan" horseshit- but that's understandable.



December 1st, 2013 at 3:49 PM ^

They're the 2nd best team in the division, on the road. And were ND and Minnesota really close? I'm not even sure U-Conn was even in real danger once we stormed back. But it was an awful half and 2nd half start. But in any case I don't see how a made 2 pt conversion, 4 down stop (where a penalty was missed), or a bunch of missed FGs is any less likely to flip than one play vs. the teams we beat.

And Brian may have used evidence to assess coaches when coming here. But by 2010 he was also ignoring a lot of evidence that was going against him at that point too. So he's not immune to bias.

Michigan Arrogance

December 1st, 2013 at 4:01 PM ^

Iowa has been unranked all season. they are not a good football team, not bad, not good. like PSU and Minnesota and everyother team in the B10 save Pur, OSU, MSU, Ill.

ND and Minn weren't close wins, but they were good wins so i included them for completeness.

re: Brian. if anything, I think he was mostly ignoring the root cause of the "never forget" secondary. we couldn't recruit or retain enough talented players in the secondary (and a few other positions). who's in charge of that ultimately? the HC.


December 1st, 2013 at 3:01 AM ^

My sense of it is that this is partially true.  However, Brian loved Rogriguez for the same reasons he failed here.  There was no Fort Schembechler.  Rodriguez was interesting to write about, regardless of the writer) becuase he was so prone to open his mouth and say whatever came to him without any filter whatsoever.  That's fine if you're a blogger.  Not as fine if you're the Michigan Football Coach. 

So, it's not as intersting to write about Michigan now.  And, there likely aren't as many posts or site visits now that our coach has some self respect, and intelligence, and doesn't put his foot in his mouth once every week.

There is nor will there ever be a Josh Groban incident with this coach.  Nor will you see or hear about Brady Hoke assistants getting into a fight on the sidelines.  These things kept people coming here, and anywhere.  That is gone.  Permanently.  With that absence, are less clicks.  I'd like to say that has nothing to do with the lack of poster moderation on this site, but I don't know anymore.  Too many one sentence posters with nothing to conribute.  The same posters bring as much to Brian those posting with thought. 


December 1st, 2013 at 6:35 AM ^

you didn't address my point, which is that you're making false claims in your argument. I suspect because you have no counter.

Yesterday's game doesn't reinforce anything other than if M had played like that all year, their record may have been 10-2. The fatalist "Iowa up north" argument assumes so many negative extrapolations forever, and seems inconsistent with the actual game results against the opponent you hold up as the model (Ohio).

I'm very happy with the way the team played today, primarily because of the way the team blocked. I thought the offensive game plan was excellent, but Borges still needs to go. I of course am not ignoring 3-5 in the B1G, as nobody is, most importantly Hoke and evil Brandon. Unless you believe it prudent to remove Borges during the year, I see little about this season that means Hoke = worst of Lloyd forever


December 1st, 2013 at 12:07 AM ^

I don't know why "not being a dick" is so hard for some people. This blog is brilliant and I'd hate to see it radically overhauled. I'd like to think a thorough troll-cleaning and a simple admonition to keep things civil would put us on the right path but I'm too old and cynical to expect that to work. We await the imperial fiat...

Ghost of Nosce…

December 1st, 2013 at 12:09 AM ^

the blog has turned into a steaming dungheap. Clicks uber alles, if the blogmeisters wanted user moderation there would be user moderation. Trolls and fugitives have been allowed to take root. Feast on the succulent fruits of your labor.

The Denarding

December 1st, 2013 at 12:14 AM ^

Or maybe we need to understand that all of this is just opinion that on occasion maybe supported by fact but is generally not. I guess I am impassioned about this because prior to that MSU game last year I had lost my father. I had always gone to Michigan games even as a student with my dad. I hadn't been on campus in a while, all my friends had left the area, my wife thought buying me tickets to the game would cheer me up but I couldn't wrestle up enough interest from people to go. It was cold, dark and over cast and I walked aimlessly to the stadium being surrounded by " fans" but not particularly invited by anyone. Until Brian let me stay at his trailer and feel like I was a part of Michigan again. To him I was just a fan, another curious oddity of an acolyte he barely knows who reads this blog and pontificates on occasion like I know something. But to me he gave me back something special - the chance to just be a fan, talk about the team and belong to something. The way my dad made me feel about being a fan until the day he died.

Brian doesn't like being deified or think he's anything special. He just loves Michigan football and has been part of a family that's been tailgating at Michigan longer than I've been alive. He was a fan like the rest of us way before it was his job and he always will be. It hurts for him to see Gardner broken or Lewan wasted or PDFT. He knows they are players and have families and read this blog and he takes that responsibility seriously. But when it's your life and you feel your life is being wasted - that the opportunity cost of time is invading the ability of that thing you love from even being meaningful, and you voice that frustration because all you have is a voice and all you get is crapped on - by friends, colleagues, nameless readers - people who think you are being glib is lacking passion or not being fan enough well snap.

Brian...take a deep breath, finish bowling, laugh at Seth's three gutter balls, quote the big Lebowski, hug your wife and take care of you. If you wake up tomorrow and still have the passion for this then you still have this faithful reader. My dad loved this blog and I think if he was alive he would say the same.


December 1st, 2013 at 1:46 AM ^

Great post. 

Do I dislike the coverage here when I disagree with it? Absolutely. But anyone who tries to heap shit on Brian is being a dickbag. He's not the voice of the Michigan fanbase, he's not under any obligation to behave a certain way or think a certain thing just because you or I might think it's the only reasonable position to take. 

He is a fan with a blog. A popular blog, but a blog nonetheless. If he's not happy with today, he's more than entitled to that. 


December 1st, 2013 at 12:40 AM ^

I went back through Brian's tweets looking for something controversial...That bit about OSU's hypothetical manball rushing stats didn't make much sense(As Borges and the OL were inexplicably killing it all game) but that's pretty much par for the course. If I'm handing out blame...30% is on Hoke for not even efforting for the field goal at the end of the first half(stupid), 30% on defensive personnel(youth and Rodriguez recruiting)' and yeah, 40% on Mattison. That read option made him look stupid all day.


December 1st, 2013 at 1:02 AM ^

I'm not entirely sure what the tweet said, but if you think Michigan was killing it with 35 rushes for 152 yards (4.34 ypc), I wonder how you would describe OSU's performance at 46 rushes for 393 yards.

When you staunchly oppose a spread attack on the opinion that you need an under-center, pro-style attack to have a controlling ground attack, and then your rival with a spread offense puts up 8.5(!) ypc on 46(!!!) carries right in your face, it kinda makes you look like you don't know what you are talking about.

That is not directed at you, btw, just the folks that Brian probably feels like he has been at war with since 2008.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:28 AM ^

No, but that's irrelavent to the point he was making: the tweet feeds to the perception that even if our offense is fully operational Brian will still find it unsatisfactory when compared to his chosen offensive system. 

I'm not really sure how you can deny this. 


December 1st, 2013 at 3:56 AM ^

It is relevant because having four abysmal games and one really good one does not make for a fully operational offense.  A fully-operational offense wouldn't leave us so clueless as to what to expect in the bowl game.

And like I have said a couple times, he wasn't commenting on Michigan's offense, he was talking about OSU's, who was repeatedly gashing Michigan up the middle with a 240lb bruiser.



December 1st, 2013 at 1:49 AM ^

If you're going to put that out there to counter such a hyper specific argument, though, you should probably make it clear. Because like yeah, but we also put up 450 yards passing to Ohio State's 100-something. This game was essentially a text book display of both offensive styles working perfectly... if it looks like you're complaining about how our offense performed, it feeds the perception that you can never be satisfied with this style in any capacity. 


December 1st, 2013 at 2:02 AM ^

I'm not saying Michigan's offense didn't perform well.  It obviously did.

I'm saying that OSU did what the opponents of spread offenses (what beleaguered few there are) - including the current staff - said a team couldn't do, and they won in the process.


December 1st, 2013 at 3:41 AM ^

I'm not going to track down the quotes because the forum is messing up on chrome for me for some reason and you have google, but there were two main opinions that were completely blown out of the water Saturday (if not completely refuted earlier):

1) Two part idea: A)  The pro-style makes an offense more physical up front running the ball, B) facing a pro-style offense in practice makes a defense more physical up front, and alternately, facing a spread offense makes it weaker.

2)  Spread quarterbacks take too much of a beating when you run them.


December 1st, 2013 at 12:11 PM ^

Also, our offense, that many on here were saying was worse than the 2008 outfit, put up 600 yards and 41 points against their defense. So, the coaches might have a point about the spread not being conducive to having a good defense.

Mind you, that is NOT what I'm saying. But yesterdays game does nothing to disprove that. I'm confused as to why you even added that #2 up there.


December 1st, 2013 at 12:42 AM ^

in plain english, what is Brian upset about? I know he's been down since the PSU game. That's when I decided I didn't want to  invest anymore emotion in this team.


December 1st, 2013 at 1:11 AM ^

Sorta guessing here, but Brian has seen this team stay stagnant since 2007 at least, and where he endured through RichRod as there seemed to be a real attempt to move this program forward during those years, he doesn't have the same hope now.

As such he has emotionally tuned out the team.  Some folks have responded by calling him a fairweather fan who bails on the team when it loses.

A very hollow criticism considering how much he devoted to the RichRod teams.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:45 AM ^

Is it hollow? Brian could certainly be described as a fairweather hockey fan, given how quickly he bailed on what was Michigan's only bad team in a quarter of a century last season. In darker times, he'd also shut down live blogs of basketball games when he became convinced that they were unwinnable. So I'd say it's fair if not accurate.

Also, during the RR days many who were loyal Michigan fans previously were accused of being fairweather fans for not accepting THE PROCESS. I suppose as long as you accept the spread uber alles line of reasoning, that's different, though.

Michigan Arrogance

December 1st, 2013 at 11:44 AM ^

given how quickly he bailed on what was Michigan's only bad team in a quarter of a century last season.

I htink he bailed in mid-late Jan no? that's more than half the season, and the preverbial STBTCB was the levelling of a captain, to which there was no retailiation or even reaction.

that team mailed it in back in October. not until late Feb did an essential change in captainship and leadership take place and then they started playing better-


December 1st, 2013 at 12:53 AM ^

I've been on this blog for a couple years now. Got on here daily for updates and to read sports discussions. (just started posting recently) I really enjoyed this site but lately it's almost been unbearable to read. I hope Brian and the mod's do actually start to "clean house" because the trolls and ultra-negative posters are ruining it for everyone.


December 1st, 2013 at 1:07 AM ^

If Brain wants to run a blog about how horrible canned music is, the evils of alternate jerseys, and why everything is awful every season forever, he's more than welcome to. If you think he's wrong on any of that, as I do on all of it, you should probably just avoid this place. That's the message he's sending. 


December 1st, 2013 at 1:11 AM ^

    Michigan played their hearts out, the offense scored 41 points and they lost on a very sound and aggressive decision to go for two.  The defense played poorly, but they were up against an explosive offense.  Michigan has been bad against OSU this past decade, but that's hardly the result of the current coaching staff.  I don't see why everyone is having a goddamn coniption about it.  I enjoy this blog and all, but some people need to calm the fuck down and that includes Brian.  If you're a any sort of publishing writer, people (often stupid people) are going to talk shit about what you write.  That's just life.  Like much of life, it isn't fair, but you just have to let it go.  I don't mean to sound pious, because it happens to everybody.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:41 AM ^

First and foremost, Brian, you've been obviously frustrated this year.  How would anyone know that any part of that frustration is related to something other than Michigan Football?  That's what you have portrayed.  (I assume by your commentd above your kitty kat posting has been partially caused by factors other than just the football team). 

It would be one thing if this team was not competitive, but as bad as our record is, what some of us realize is that despite a limited depth, and a handful of contributing seniors, this team has been in a position to win every single game this year except for one. (By the way, that is a polite way to say that the former coach you love so much was NEVER competitive against OSU).

Now, it's time to suck it up, and act like a big boy.  You cover MICHIGAN football.  It is not about your blog.  It is about something bigger than your blog.  It is about the mass of Michigan Fans out here looking for a place to congregate and discuss OUR team.  Not your team.  OUR TEAM. 

If you want to go off like a pansy, go for it.  If you want to nuke posters, go for it.  This site is out of hand the last half of the year.  With little or no objectivity.  It is sad. If you want to start banning people, how about the obnoxious people who simply flame others without any input to the discussion.

I hope you take a vacation.  Take some time to reflect.  You've done a great thing with this site, and there are a lot of us old timers, from the haloscan days, that would like to continue here with some good discussion.  That is what made this site so great -- open, intelligent, sometimes funny discussion about UM. 

With all that said: Go Blue!  Next year is shaping up to be undefeated year at home.  If we can pull off a couple fo close one's on the road, who knows?  Longer term, the Hoke recruiting train is on time, and things are looking up.  Very up. 




December 1st, 2013 at 8:27 AM ^

I'm a big fan all you do. Admittedly i dont visit TTB as much as i should. Do you get a lot of this too? Hard enough putting all this great content out just to have it mocked by weirdos i imagine. I say all this knowing full well i have lit a few people up who were defending Borges and probably went a bit over board myself.